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The Barbados flag is an iconic world flag design, consisting of a simple blue and yellow vertical tricolour with a trident in the centre. This symbolic flag represents the sky, sand and the three principles of democracy. If you're looking to buy a Barbados flag, each product from The Flag Shop is made from the highest quality materials, giving you value for money.
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Barbados flag for sale at The Flag Shop.

The national flag of Barbados is a popular choice for flying proudly at any event, function, party or gala with a Caribbean theme. This resplendent flag with its instantly recognisable aquamarine and yellow design creates an impressive eye catching display and lights up a dull looking room or hall. If you are looking for a way to display the Barbados flag in a smaller scale, why not try one of our superb little Barbados table flag designs, available in a budget polyester material or professional standard satin version – ideal for decorating a dining table or office desk. Barbados bunting is a popular choice if you have a large area to cover – displaying up to thirty flag pennants per length, our very popular flag bunting will be just the job!

The eye catching colours of aquamarine and yellow are representative of the glorious sea and sand synonymous with Caribbean islands. The triband colours are emblazoned with a black trident. You may think it strange that the lower part of the trident is broken – this is done on purpose to represent Barbados breaking from its colonial status. The three points of the trident represent Government of, for and by the people.

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