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Anguilla, part of the British overseas territory, has a vibrant and interesting flag design. If you're looking to buy an Anguilla flag, all of our flags are made from the highest quality materials. This unique flag consists of a blue ensign with the Union Jack in the canton, featuring the Anguilla dolphin coat of arms in fly. At The Flag Shop, we have the Anguilla flag for sale in a range of sizes, including classic 5ft x 3ft and smaller 3ft x 2ft sizes.
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The national flag of Anguilla is just one of the many flags of the world incorporating a British blue ensign as the prominent feature of the design which has the Union Jack flag of Great Britain in the canton (rectangular area in the top left corner, occupying up to a quarter of the flag). The ensign is emblazoned with a coat of arms depicting three dolphins, representing friendship, wisdom and strength. The current Anguilla flag design was adopted in 1990.

Celebrate the British overseas territory of Anguilla with a vibrant, eye catching flag, available at The Flag Shop in a range of sizes and designs, including our most popular choice – the 5ft x 3ft flag – ideal for hanging from a pole or draping over a wall at parties or functions. Does your office desk or dining area need an injection of pizzazz – then try our Anguilla table flags to add an international flavour to your everyday life! Anguilla hand flags are a superb portable solution for waving your favourite countries flag on the move, and our colourful Anguilla flag bunting is a splendid solution for covering large areas with your flag of choice, displaying up to 30 pennants one massive 9 metre length!

Buy Anguilla flags online at The Flag Shop or call our friendly staff on 01246 297600.