Union Jack - Great Britain

Union Jack - Great Britain Flags

Packing for a sports event overseas? Want to support your country at a rally? Or are you hoping to show your pride at a party, festival, or event? Browse our many Union Jacks here at The Flag Shop, and you’re sure to find something that fits the bill in our extensive range of flags. We stock all sizes, large and small, as well as a selection of different materials from luxury satin to hard-wearing nylon for the great outdoors. Whether you’re looking for a hand-waver, table flag, car flag, bunting, or standard ensign, we’ve got everything you require in our gigantic range of Union Jacks

The transnational Union Jack is a beautiful visual representation of diversity and unity, integrating three patriotic symbols of England, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. The striking blue background and white diagonals of Scotland’s St Andrews Cross, white and red of St George's Cross, and diagonal white and red of Ireland’s St Patrick. A symbol of the British Isles, it’s found everywhere across the world at diplomatic, athletic, and national events.

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  1. Union Jack Table Flag
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  2. Union Jack bunting
    Union Jack, Great Britain Bunting
  3. Custom Union Jack Flag
    Custom Union Jack Flag
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  4. Union Jack table flag satin
    Union Jack Table Flag Satin
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  5. Union Jack Smiley Table Flag
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  6. Union Jack Crest Table Flag
    Union Jack Crest Table Flag Budget
  7. Union Jack crest table flag satin
    Union Jack Crest Table Flag Satin
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  8. Union Jack Pink With Red Flag
    Union Jack Gay Pride Pink With Red Flag
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Union Jack Great Britain flags available at The Flag Shop

Our standard 5 x 3 ft Union Jack is a best-seller here at The Flag Shop, and one that will last for years in your home, outside your business, or for those festival trips! The striking white, red, and blue design is printed using high-quality photo resolution methods to ensure colour saturation and a vibrant finish that will stand the test of time. A firm favourite with the British public, this 152 cm x 91 cm flag features two metal grommets (eyelets) that make it simple to hang and is made from lightweight but long-lasting polyester. Seen everywhere from embassies and offices to schools and fundraisers, this Union Flag will say it all for you.

Unsure about flag materials? We offer the Union Flag as resilient Duraflags - if you’re heading into the rain or out of doors, these durable polyester ensigns are hard to fault. Here at The Flag Shop, we stock a range of decorative Duraflag Union Jacks with toggles and ropes in a selection of sizes to meet your every need. For a classic 3 ft x 5 ft flag, we recommend our standard rope and toggle British flags which boast four stitching levels for extra strength. Made from 150 gsm polyester with colourfast dye screen printing, our United Kingdom Duraflags are well-suited for long-lasting use. 

With us, you can also choose Union Jacks as hand-waving flags for portable, convenient use at your next outdoor event! Hand flags can be a great way to get everyone involved at outdoor gigs, including everything from races to rallies and pride parades. If you’re attending an LGBT event, our Pink Union Jack Hand Waving Flags are guaranteed to be a hit, with a pink background in place of the classic blue that says it loud! Because we know flags, these come with handy 24-inch wooden sticks for waving and an eye-catching 18 x 12 inches (45 cm x 30 cm) double-sided design that can be seen from every angle. 

We also help you design your own custom Union Jack if you’re keen to have a unique impact - simply choose our Custom Flag printing option and we’ve made it easy to upload your own artwork in no time. If you have a logo, photo, or message that you’re excited to put onto our Great British flag, it’s as simple as uploading your image file and we’ll print it for you. Why not get creative with your own colours, themes, or business name? As well as offering free delivery in the United Kingdom, we also ship overseas internationally so you can get your flags anywhere!

We always aim to give you plenty of choice, and our beautiful flags cover everything from bunting to flag packs, giant and triangular bunting, wind socks, wind spinners, car flags, giant ensigns, and beyond. Each of The Flag Shop’s carefully crafted flags uses top-quality polyester, satin, or nylon and advanced printing techniques for a bigger impact. When you’re done choosing your flags, you can easily find all the flag parts, pieces, and poles that you need right here in our online collection. So why not take a look at our huge collection and find the perfect Union Jack today?