Bolivia Flags

Looking to buy a Bolivia flag? At The Flag Shop, we stock loads of world flags in a range of sizes to suit you. The Bhutan flag is a simple horizontal tricolour of red, yellow and green with the Bolivia coat of arms in the centre. The vibrant colours of the Bolivia flag look great printed onto high quality polyester, which allows each vivid colours to stand out. Buy a Bolivia flag now!
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Flag of Bolivia for sale at The Flag Shop.

Looking to add a splash of vibrant colour to a gala, festival, carnival or party? Why not fly a resplendent Bolivia flag in bold, clear colours with a selection of sizes available, from a small budget table flag measuring six inches by four inches (ideal for decorating tables or desks) to a large 5ft x 3ft flag (great for creating an eye catching unmissable impact). We also stock a superb range of Bolivia flag bunting in various lengths to suit all needs.

The national flag of Bolivia (adopted in 1851) is a horizontal tri-colour of red, yellow and green with the countries coat of arms in the centre.

Buy Bolivia flags online at or call our friendly team on 01246 297600.