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Cuba is a small Caribbean island off the coast of America, famed for its gorgeous sandy beaches and extensive tobacco farms. The flag of Cuba has been in use since it was first adopted all the way back in 1849, becoming one of the most instantly recognisable flags in the world. The design of the Cuban flag features five horizontal stripes of blue and white, with a large red triangle in the hoist featuring a lone white star.

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Celebrate the fun and vibrancy that is the continent of South America with a spectacular vivid Cuba flag. Famous for flamboyant dancing and music, Cuba is the home of the popular Salsa with residents enjoying the wonderful vibe with bars in Havana packed with bands playing into the night! To a lesser extent you will also find lively Cubans enjoying the rumba and bolero, proving what a fun loving nation it is.

The national flag of Cuba dates back as far as 1902. The flag of Cuba was originally designed by Venezuelan general Narciso López in 1848 whilst attempting to help Cuba break away from Spanish rule. The white star is meant to represent the starts uf the American flag, of which Cuba eventually wanted to be included on the USA stars and stripes. The three blue stripes represent the three Cuban departments, white purity and red stands for the bloodshed in the fight for independence. The flag was adopted as the official design in 1902 when the country finally became an independent republic.

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