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Adopted in 1980, the national flag of Belize is a vibrant and interesting design, featuring a blue field with two outer red lines to represent the opposition party. The coat of arms dominates the centre of the flag, featuring the iconic 50 leaves to represent the year the People's United Party came to power, 1950. If you want to buy a Belize flag, you can buy an array of sizes from The Flag Shop. Buy a Belize flag now!
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Previously known as British Honduras, Belize became a self-governing colony in June 1973, and finally in September 1981 gained full independence from the British Crown. The Belize flag (adopted on September 21st 1981) has a vivid blue background with red border top and bottom emblazoned with a white disc incorporating two men (the flag of Belize is the only flag of the world which has two humans as the predominant image).

Celebrate the independent country of Belize with a vibrant, eye catching flag, available at The Flag Shop in a range of sizes and designs, including our most popular choice – the 5ft x 3ft flag – ideal for hanging from a pole or draping over a wall at parties or functions. Does your office desk or dining area need an injection of pizzazz – then try our Belize table flags to add an international flavour to your everyday life! Belize hand flags are a superb portable solution for waving your favourite countries flag on the move, and our colourful Belize flag bunting is a splendid solution for covering large areas with your flag of choice, displaying up to 30 pennants one massive 9 metre length!

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