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Looking to buy a Cameroon flag? At The Flag Shop, we sell an array of flag sizes for this Central African country. The Cameroon flag is a simple vertical tricolour of green, red and yellow, with a yellow 'star of unity' in the central red segment. If you want to buy a Cameroon flag, the amazing quality of The Flag Shop products means you'll get value for money. What are you waiting for? Buy a Cameroon flag from The Flag Shop today!
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Buy Cameroon flags at The Flag Shop.

Does your dull and dour party need a bit of cheering up? Cameroon flags are a superb option for giving your carnival, gala, function or celebration a blast of vibrant colour – displaying the widely used Pan African colours of green, red and yellow with a yellow star in the centre, the flag of Cameroon is a superb looking design and sure to catch the eye! We have a spectacular range of Cameroon flags for sale at The Flag Shop, including decorative table flags to cheer up an ordinary looking office or give a dull dining table an international flavour; hand flags to wave during sports events, or go to town with a giant length of Cameroon bunting allowing you to cover a large area with your favourite flag!

The National flag of Cameroon was officially adopted on the 20th May 1975. The colours used are the traditional Pan African colours in three vertical stripes, with a centrally placed yellow star known as the ‘star of unity’.