Chile Flags

The Chile flag is one of the world’s most recognisable flags - similar to that of Texas, it’s known as the Lone Star flag. The simple horizontal bicolour of white and red is broken up by a dark blue square in the top left, which is complete with a lone white star. This famous flag was first adopted in 1817, making it over 200 years old. If you’re looking to buy a Chilean flag, look no further than The Flag Shop for the ultimate selection of Chile flags for sale. From bunting to flags, hand waving flags and table flags, we have them all.

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Fly the flag of Chile!

Create a colourful display and add a flavour of South American pizzazz to your flagpole with a vibrant Chile flag! This spectacularly designed flag with its bold star and stripes is sure to put a smile on the faces of all who view, however dull and dreary the day. Here at The Flag Shop we stock a wide range of flag designs to cater for all your international needs, including Chile table flags – ideal for adding a spot of glorious sunshine to a dull office or downbeat dining area, hand flags – great for creating a knockout display at galas, carnivals or parties, and Chile bunting – the perfect solution to decorating large spaces with lots of vivid colour.

The national flag of Chile, also known as the Lone Star flag was adopted on October 18th 1817. The colours are representative as follows – blue stands for the sea, white is for the snow covered Andes, and red is for blood shed during independence. The star is a light shining for progress and honour.

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