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Want to buy an American Samoa flag? At The Flag Shop, all of our products are made from the best materials to guarantee years of use with no fading or fraying. The American Samoa flag consists of a red-edged white triangle pointing towards the hoist charged with a bald eagle clutching a war club and fly-whisk, with dark blue upper and lower triangles - check out our American Samoa flags for sale now!
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Does your dull and dour party need a bit of cheering up? American Samoa flags are a superb option for giving your carnival, gala, function or celebration a blast of vibrant colour – displaying the bald eagle of the USA on a triangular design, the flag of American Samoa is a superb looking design and sure to catch the eye!
The American Samoa flag was first adopted in April 1960 – before then the national flag was the stars and stripes of the USA. The design depicts a white triangle with red edges pointing towards the hoist enclosing a bald eagle clutching a war club and fly whisk, with the upper and lower triangles of the flag a dark blue colour. The colours are representative of those of America and Samoa.