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The Brazilian flag is one of the most instantly recognisable world flags, mainly due to the worldwide popularity and success of their country's football team. The design consists of a green field with the large yellow diamond in the center bearing the blue disk, which is formed the celestial globe, depicting the starry sky of twenty-seven small white five-pointed stars, with the national motto spanned across a white equatorial curved band. Whether you want to buy a Brazil flag for an upcoming sporting event or maybe as a decoration, we have a range of Brazil flags available. From small 3ft x 2ft designs to 8ft x 5ft giants, you'll find a quality flag to suit you at The Flag Shop.
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Brazil is the largest country in South America, famed for the raucous Carnaval Festival and the giant 38m Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio De Janeiro. Another thing that is instantly associated with Brazil is their flag. The flag of Brazil was first adopted in 1889, before being updated in 1992. The design features a green background with a large horizontal yellow diamond in the centre. Inside the diamond, there is a globe, which features Brazil’s motto "ORDEM E PROGRESSO"  which is Portuguese for “order and progress”. The globe also has 27 white pointed stars in it, representing each state in the country of Brazil. The stars are also positioned to reflect how they would look over Rio De Janeiro. The changes made to the original flag only involve the stars, going from 21 white pointed stars to 27 white pointed stars. The flag officially came into use in 1889 after the proclamation of the Republic of Brazil.

Brazil flags for sale at The Flag Shop

If you’re looking for a Brazil flag for sale, whether that be because of a football match or just general interest, we have a range of sale at We stock all the standard flag sizes you’ll need, including; 5x3ft flags for sale, 8x5ft flags and small 3x2ft flags for sale. Each size is made from quality polyester, allowing the vibrant colours of the Brazil flag to truly stand out. We also have a nylon Brazil flag for sale, which ensures better durability and longevity that standard polyester flags.

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If you’re planning on throwing a Carnaval themed party of your own or maybe looking to support Brazil during the World Cup in 2018, bunting is the perfect way to incorporate some South American spirit into your party. At The Flag Shop, we have a range of lengths of Brazil bunting for sale, including standard bunting which comes in 3m, 6m and 9m, as well as larger giant Brazil bunting which is available in 18.25m. Both are made from quality polyester to insure the colours of the Brazil flag really stand out.

Buy Brazil hand waving flags

Hand waving flags are ideal for taking to football matches and sporting events to show support, as they are only 45cm x 30cm in size, they are easy to carry around wherever you go. If you’re seeking a Brazil hand waving flag for sale, The Flag Shop has you covered. These hand flags are made from quality polyester and are mounted onto wooden sticks to guarantee a sturdy flag that won’t break easily.

Brazil table flags for sale

If you’re looking for a Brazil inspired desk or table decoration, why not take a look at out Brazil table flags for sale? Available in satin and budget to suit all price ranges, these make the perfect addition to any desk or table space, injecting the spirit of Brazil and a splash of colour wherever they are placed.


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Not many flags are aseye-catchingg as Brazil with its green field, yellow rhombus and blue starry sky. The blue circle features stars that show the sky over Rio de Janeiro and represent specific states. The Brazilian flag also features the national motto, which means Order and Progress in English. This design was first adopted in 1889, but has been modified a few times to incorporate in more stars. Now you can show your support for Brazil with the Brazil Flag 8ft x 5ft at the Flag Shop. Fly the flag high for the nation with the traditional print in vivid colours on quality polyester and two brass eyelets for hanging up easily. This flag is also available in a modest 5ft x 3ft size, as well as a smaller 3ft x 2ft size.

In addition, for a superior quality, the Flag Shop offers you a Brazil Nylon Flag. The iconic green, yellow and blue colours of Brazil are dye printed on 210 denier nylon fabric for a beautiful rendition of the flag and it is double stitched all around with four rows of stitching on the fly. This makes this Brazilian flag perfect for flying outdoors and to withstand the elements of British weather. It also has two brass eyelets for hanging easily from a flag pole.

For parties and street parades, why not check out our Flag Shop Brazil Bunting? This features the famous flag printed on quality 6 x 9 inch polyester and is available in lengths of 3, 6 and 9 metres on strong polyester tape. Each length has a number of flags to add colour and decoration to any event. To really bring a party to life, we recommend the Giant Brazil Bunting. This features the Brazilian flag on larger 12 x 18 inch polyester in vivid colours and is 18.25 metres in length.

Another fun way to join in parade celebrations or show your support for Brazil at events is by investing in a Brazilian Hand Waving Flag. Now all the family can enjoy themselves, including the kids, with a colourful Brazilian flag on a sturdy wooden stick, measuring 24 inches.

Another addition to the Brazil collection is our Flag Shop Brazil Table Flag Budget. This makes a great centrepiece at events, business meetings and even as a personal desk decoration. What better way to show your support for Brazil during a festival or sporting event? Each table flag measures 6 x 4 inches and is supplied with a 12 inch plastic stick and black base. The table flags can even be used without the base.

For a more sophisticated and long lasting addition, why not have a look at the Brazil Table Satin Flag? The traditional design is featured on quality 100% satin material on one side with approximately a 80% show through on the reverse. The flag measures 9 x 6 inches and is supplied with a chrome stand, as well as an extendable chrome pole. It measures 10 inches but it can be extended to any length up to 18 inches.

Everyone who loves football knows that Brazil are one of the best teams in the world and have had some of the best players throughout the years. Why not fly the flag for the Brazilian football team and show your support with the Brazil Football Flag 5ft x 3ft? This flag features the classic yellow, blue and green of Brazil, as well as the Brazilian Football Confederation badge in the centre, printed on quality polyester.

Show your support with the Flag Shop; go Brazil!