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Need to buy an Afghanistan flag? We stock this iconic flag in a range of sizes to suit you, including classic 5ft x 3ft flags and smaller 3ft x 2ft designs. This simple black, red and green tri colour flag looks great printed onto high quality polyester, perfect for vibrant colour. Buy an Afghanistan flag from The Flag Shop today!
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Buy an Afghanistan flag at The Flag Shop.

Our extensive range of Afghanistan flags come in various sizes and designs, including beautifully designed hand flags, ideal for adding colour to a party, festival or celebration; bunting which creates a knockout display over a large area, or table flags which give a work desk or dining table an superb international makeover! The Afghanistan flag has seen many changes over the years, with the current version being the most used.

The current flag of Afghanistan is a black green and red vertical tricolour with the coat of arms in white in the centre. The coat of arms has been through several changes in the 20th century, with the current version showing as follows - the inscription of the Shahadah in Arabic curves across the top (translates as 'There is no god but God. Muhammad is the messenger of God'). The Shahadah is widely used in flags of the middle east (such as the flag of Saudi Arabia). Below this is depicted a mosque with a mihrab (niche on a wall that indicates the direction of the Kabba in Mecca) and a minbar (pulpit where the imam stands to deliver his sermon). Flags of Afghanistan are attached to either side of the mosque. Beneath the mosque in the name of the nation (in Arabic). The mosque is surrounded by shaves of wheat with the year Afghansitan gained independence from the British inscribed below (1919).

The colours which have been present in most Afghanistan flags for the past 100 years are representative as follows - black signifies the past, red is for the blood shed for independence, and green represents either hope for the future, agricultural prosperity, or Islam.