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Looking for a Bahamas flag for sale? At The Flag Shop, we sell the Bahamas flag in a range of sizes, including classic 5ft x 3ft flags and smaller 3ft x 2ft designs. The Bahamas flag itself is a simple design, featuring a black triangle on the hoist with three horizontal stripes (two aquamarine and one yellow). Adopted in 1973, the Bahamas flag is a popular world flag design, ready to be bought at The Flag Shop.
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Buy Bahamas flag online at The Flag Shop.

Show your love for the islands of the continent of North America with a magnificent Bahamas flag, displaying the resplendent aquamarine and gold horizontal stripes with eye catching black triangle in the hoist. This superb looking Bahamas flag looks resplendent when flown from a pole, fluttering for all to see! If you are holding a function or party and want to create a Bahamas vibe, we also stock bunting, table flags and hand wavers.

The Bahamas flag was adopted on July 10, 1973. The black equilateral triangle on the left (hoist) represents the unity and determination of the people of the Bahamas. The triangle on the flag of the Bahamas is oriented toward three equal-width stripes symbolising areas of natural resource; two aquamarine stripes at the top and bottom of the flag representing the sea and one gold stripe in the middle representing the sands of the 700 Bahamian islands. Although the Bahamas Islands are often associated with the Caribbean, they are in fact independent islands and part of the continent of North America.

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