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Take a look at our fabulous range of European Union flag designs, including superb quality bunting in various lengths ideal for hanging at any EU related event, party or rally, plus European Union hand flags, just the job for creating a colourful impact with the eye catching golden stars emblazoned on a vibrant blue background. All items are in stock and ready for immediate speedy shipping!
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European Union Flags for sale at The Flag Shop

The EU, or European Union as it is also known, has become one of the biggest talking points in the world, thanks to Brexit and other negotiations surrounding it. But before Britain decided to leave the EU, little was known about it by many people - so what is the European Union? The EU was established in 1993 and currently has 28 member states, including; Germany, Italy, France, UK and more. This political and economic union has an estimated population of 510 million but due to states now wanting to leave, this is likely to decrease. . The flag of the European Union is a simple design that has become instantly recognisable around the world, it consists of a dark blue field topped with a ring of yellow stars in the centre. This flag dates back to 1955 as before becoming a representative of the EU, it was the flag of the European Council, and still is today. The symbol of this flag can also be seen on many European car number plates, expanding recognition of the EU flag further. If you’re looking to buy an EU flag from, we have loads of items available for you to choose from, all made from the best materials to ensure quality and value for money. From table flags to hand waving flags, bunting and tradition flags, discover our range of European Union flags for sale now!

Buy a European Union flag from

If you’re looking to buy a EU flag for an event or organisation, then we have a huge range of high quality flags available to suit you - whether you’re looking for polyester or nylon, we have loads in stock to tailor to your needs. Our 5ft x 3ft EU flag is our most popular size, and is made from high quality polyester to allow the vivid blue and yellow colours to stand out. If you’re looking for a bigger flag for an occasion, our 8ft x 5ft European Union flag is a show stopper, guaranteed to turn heads. However, if you’re looking for a smaller flag to take with you on a trip, we also stock 3ft x 2ft EU flags. Each of our flags is made from quality polyester with grommets for hanging, ideal if you’re looking to attach your flag to a pole or wall. However, if you’re looking for an EU flag that will last longer outdoors, why not consider buying a nylon European Union flag? The amazing texture of this flag maintains high quality appeal, keeping your flag looking great for longer.

European Union Flag bunting available at The Flag Shop

Bunting is the ultimate party decoration, brightening up and garden or street party with ease. At The Flag Shop, we have a huge array of bunting for sale to suit you, available in a wide range of sizes and designs. If you’re looking for EU bunting for sale, you can get it in loads of sizes, including 3m with 10 flags, 6m with 20 flags and 9m with 30 flags, so no matter how much you need we can help. Our bunting is made from quality polyester and attached with strong polyester string, guaranteeing a tough finish perfect for indoor decorating. We also have European flag bunting available, containing all the flags of the countries which make up the European Union.

Buy European Union table flags from

Table flags are an ideal dinner party decoration, they are also perfect for brightening up any work desk. At The Flag Shop, we have a huge range of table flags for sale, including EU table flags. No matter what your budget, we will have a table flag to suit you. For lower budgets, our budget EU table flag is a top pick, offering a quality polyester flag attached to a strong plastic pole and base. However, if you’re looking for a more luxurious finish, our satin EU table flag will suit you. The elegant chrome post is shiny and sophisticated, with a satin flag for added quality. The chrome pole is also extendable, so you can adjust it to how you want it.

European Union hand waving flags

Hand waving flags are perfect for showing support, so why not buy an EU hand waving flag? This polyester flag is attached to a sturdy wooden stick, offering ultimate tough quality for a cost effective price. The vivid colours of the EU flag will stand out on the quality polyester, allowing your flag to stand out from the crowd with ease.