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Comoros is a small volcanic island on Africa’s east coast in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean. This picturesque island is ringed by white sandy beaches and old lava from Mount Karthala, a volcano that’s still active to this day. The flag of Comoros was adopted in 2002 and portrays a bright and vibrant design. The design features a green triangle in the hoist with a white crescent and four stars in the centre of the triangle, backed onto a field of four horizontal stripes of yellow, white, red and blue.
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Our extensive range of vibrant Comoros flags come in various sizes and designs, including beautifully designed hand flags, ideal for adding colour to a party, festival or celebration; Comoros bunting which creates a knockout display over a large area, or table flags which give a work desk or dining table an superb international makeover! The breathtakingly colourful Comoros flag has seen many changes over the years, with the current version being the most used.

After seeing several alterations in design, the current national flag of Comoros was adopted in 2002. The design consists of a white crescent moon representing Islam – the countries’ main religion, and the four stars and four stripes stand for the islands of Comoros.

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