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The flag of the Cayman Islands is a simple design; a simple blue British ensign with the country’s coat of arms in the fly. This vibrant flag was adopted in 1958, prior to this, the Union Jack was used for official occasions. If you’re looking to buy a Cayman Islands flag, The Flag Shop has loads of designs and styles for sale, including; bunting, standard flag sizes, hand waving flags and table flags.

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Show pride in your home country by flying the resplendent colours of the Cayman Islands flag – displaying the iconic British Blue Ensign design incorporating the coat of arms of the nation. The flag of Cayman Islands creates a stunning eye catching display, looking superb when flown from a flagpole or draped over the shoulders during sporting events. If you are looking to create a stunning showpiece during a fete, carnival or party, why not try a Cayman Islands hand flag, an ideal portable choice for waving on the move, or if you are having an event and need to decorate a dining table or corporate desk, we have a selection of Cayman Islands table flags in budget and professional satin designs, ideal for creating a vibrant colourful display.

The flag of the Cayman Islands was adopted on 14th May 1958 after being granted its very own coast of arms. The crest consists of three green stars representing the inhabited islands placed on blue wavy lines representing the sea. The lion represents Britain and the countries colonial past. The turtle represents the Caymans’ seafaring history; the rope, its traditional thatch-rope industry and the pineapple its ties with Jamaica.

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