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Adopted in 1967, the flag of Antigua and Barbuda is interesting and unique. Designed by nationally acclaimed artist Sir Reginald Samuel, the design features a red field with an inverted isosceles triangle of black, blue and white with a prominent rising sun symbol in the centre to represent the dawning of a new era. Buy an Antigua and Barbuda flag at The Flag Shop today!
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Fly the flag of Antigua & Barbuda!

Create a colourful display and add a flavour of the sunny West Indies to your flagpole with a vibrant Antigua and Barbuda flag! This spectacularly designed flag with its bright sunny visage is sure to put a smile on the faces of all who view, however dull and dreary the day. Here at The Flag Shop we stock a wide range of flag designs to cater for all your international needs, including Antigua and Barbuda table flags – ideal for adding a spot of glorious sunshine to a dull office or downbeat dining area, hand flags – great for creating a knockout display at galas, carnivals or parties, and Antigua and Barbuda bunting – the perfect solution to decorating large spaces with lots of vivid colour.

The national flag of Antigua and Barbuda was adopted on February 27, 1967, and was designed by a nationally acclaimed artist and sculptor, Sir Reginald Samuel. The sun symbolises the dawning of a new era. The black is for the African ancestry of the people, the blue for hope, the red for energy or dynamism of the people. The successive colouring on Antigua and Barbuda flags of yellow, blue, and white (from the sun down) also stands for the sun, sea, and sand. The blue also represents the Caribbean Sea, and the V-shape is the symbol of victory.

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