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Myanmar/ Burma Flags

Burma, also known as Myanmar, is a large state in South East Asia. The Myanmar flag is a colourful and vibrant design, consisting of a simple horizontal tricolour of yellow, green and red, topped with a large white star in the centre. If you're looking to buy a Myanmar flag, look no further than The Flag Shop. We stock the Burma flag in a range of sizes, each made from the highest quality polyester.
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Myanmar flags for sale at The Flag Shop.

If you are hosting a Myanmar themed event or just want to proudly fly the colours of your home country, then The Flag Shop has all the Myanmar flag options you will ever need! From a superb length of bunting displaying up to a whopping thirty flags, to hand flags – ideal for creating an eye catching colourful display, to small table flags for decorating office desks or dining tables, TheFlagShop has all the Myanmar flag options you will ever need!

The current flag of Myanmar was adopted in 2010 to coincide with the countries name change from Burma. The flag is a striking horizontal tri-colour of yellow, green and red emblazoned with a large white star. The colours are said to symbolise solidarity, peace and tranquillity, courage and decisiveness

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