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Want to buy a Bangladesh flag? You can buy a high quality polyester Bangladesh flag now at The Flag Shop. One of the simplest and most recognisable world flags, it consists of a red disc on top of a green field, off centered slightly towards the hoist. We current have Bangladesh flags for sale in a variation of sizes, including small 3ft x 2ft designs and classic 5ft x 3ft flags. No matter which Bangladesh flag you buy, you won't be disappointed by the amazing quality of The Flag Shop's products.
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Does your dull and dour party need a bit of cheering up? Bangladesh flags are a superb option for giving your carnival, gala, function or celebration a blast of vibrant colour – displaying the vivid red disc representing a resplendent sun on a glorious green background, the flag of Bangladesh is a superb looking design and sure to catch the eye! We have a spectacular range of Bangladesh flags for sale at The Flag Shop, including decorative table flags to cheer up an ordinary looking office or give a dull dining table an international flavour; hand flags to wave during sports events, or go to town with a giant length of Bangladesh bunting allowing you to cover a large area with your favourite flag!

The National flag of Bangladesh was officially adopted on the 17th January 1972. The flag has a vivid green background emblazoned with a bright red disc which is slightly offset towards the left (hoist) side – the reason for this is so the disc should look central when the flag is flown. The green colour on the Bangladesh flag stands for the fertility and lushness of the land; the red circle represents the glorious sun rising over Bengal and also pays homage to the blood shed for those who gave their lives for Bangladesh independence.