Japan Flags

The flag of Japan, also known as the ‘sun-mark flag’, is a simple white flag with a large red disc in the centre. This Japanese flag is one of the most iconic Asian flags, even though it was only adopted in 1999. You can buy the Japanese flag in a wide range of styles and sizes at The Flag Shop, ideal for all occasions.
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  1. Japan Table Flag
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  2. Japan Bunting
    Japan Bunting
  3. Japan Rising Sun Table Flag
    Japan Rising Sun Table Flag Budget
  4. Japan table flag satin
    Japan Table Flag Satin
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  5. Japanese Rising Sun Bunting
    Japanese Rising Sun Bunting
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  6. Custom Japan Flag
    Custom Japan Flag
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Japan flags available at The Flag Shop

Do you want to show your support for Japan in upcoming sports events and national parades? At the Flagshop, we have a variety of Japanese flags available for everyone to enjoy at any occasion. Why not browse through our Japanese collection today; we are sure we have a flag for you.

Show your support for Japan in a big way with the Japan Flag 8ft x 5ft. This is made from 8ft x 5ft quality polyester and features the national flag, which is called the Nisshōki, meaning the ‘sun-mark flag’. This is an eye-catching design with a white background and a red circular disc in the centre, symbolising the sun. This will make a great display at any event and with the two brass eyelets, it is ready to hang from a flagpole instantly. There is also a modest Japan Flag 5ft x 3ft and smaller Japan Flag 3ft x 2ft, both printed with vivid colouring on quality polyester and two metal eyelets for flying high in the sky.

If you are attending a parade or event outside, we recommend the Japan Hand Waving Flag. This features an 18 x 12 inch Nisshōki flag attached to a 24 inch sturdy wooden stick, making it perfect for having fun at outdoor events. Now all the family can have join in and support Japan.

At the Flagshop, we also supply the Japan Rising Sun Flag 5ft x 3ft. This is the ensign of the Japan Maritime Self-Defence Force, complete with a red circular disc skewed on a white field, as well as 16 red sunrays. The Imperial Japanese Army first used the Rising Sun Flag in 1870. There is also a smaller Japanese Rising Sun Flag 3ft x 2ft, which is made from quality polyester with two metal eyelets for displaying on a flagpole. For decorating your home or streets during parades, we recommend the Japanese Rising Sun Bunting. This is available with 20 bright flags on a length of six metre polyester tape, which is durable and will last through bad weather.

If you are looking for an attractive table marker for events and business meetings, or even your own personal desk decoration, the Japan Rising Sun Budget Table Flag is sure to make a colourful display. This features a 6 x 4 inch Rising Sun Flag attached to a black plastic stick and base, measuring 12 inches in height. At the Flagshop, we also have a Japan Budget Table Flag. This sports the 6 x 4 inch national flag of Japan on a 12 inch black stick and base. In addition, there is the Japan Satin Table Flag, made with 100 per cent satin material, with approximately 80 per cent show through on the reverse. You can enjoy a chrome stand, as well as an extendable chrome pole, which can be set to any height between 10 and 18 inches.

Show your support and pride in Japan in upcoming sporting events, parties with friends and national events and festivals with a quality flag from the Flagshop. As your number one supplier of superior flags for every occasion, you know you can trust the Flagshop when it comes to patriotic decorations.