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St Patrick’s Day Uncovered!


  For people all over the world, St Patrick’s Day is a time to get jolly and break out the shamrock flags. For those unfamiliar or those who’ve taken the festivities a little too far, it’s a confusing sea of green. Never fear, we at The Flag Shop have got all you need to know… Read more »

Women’s World Day of Prayer 2019 – When, Why & How…


  Each year, on the first Friday of March, the Women’s World Day of Prayer takes place. If you haven’t yet heard of this event, we’ll be taking a little look at the when, how, and why so that you can get ready. And if you have already celebrated WDP in the past, we’ve got everything… Read more »

Pride Power: What LGBT awareness is all about & where to find it!


  LGBT Pride Month officially kicks off in June but here at The Flag Shop, we’re always planning our celebrations ahead of time! Each year, we get excited about finding the best & most colourful ways to help support those taking part in LGBT events across the country, to show our support and…well, because they’re… Read more »

Skulls, Crossbones, Eye patches & Johnny Depp – Why pirates have never been cooler…


Shiver me timbers! Ever wondered why pirate buccaneers actually went from dangerous thieves to making millions at a cinema near you? How society stopped viewing them as wicked, plundering oceanic pests and started embracing pirate-themed parties and Halloween costumes? What’s our fascination with pirates, really? And why do we love them so much? The History… Read more »

Halloween Blog – Fun, Costumes, and our fascination with frights…


With Halloween just around the corner, it’s hard not to get excited! But how much do you really know about the roots of Halloween? And why on earth are we all so keen to get dressed up as spookily as possible? We at The Flag Shop are huge fans of Halloween (or ‘All Hallows Eve’… Read more »

Oktoberfest – Why the great German Festival just gets bigger & bigger…


  Oktoberfest 2018 kicks off in just a few weeks and this year the rest of the world will be celebrating in greater numbers than ever before..But what exactly is it all about & why all the fuss? The world’s largest Volksfest—German for “people’s festival”—lasts for 16-18 days from the 22nd of September and combines… Read more »

The Great War 100 years on – Why remembering is more important than ever…


  2018 has marked the centenary of the end of the First World War, (1914-1918) the cataclysmic battle which after four years had left 18 million dead and 23 million wounded. The significant centenary has triggered commemorations and services of remembrance across the world and closer to home, throughout the UK and Ireland. Of course,… Read more »