Month: December 2016

Venezuela Flag Facts

The current flag of Venezuela was adopted on 12th March 2006. The flag consists of a horizontal tricolour of yellow, blue and red. Across the blue band is an arch of eight white stars. The inclusion of the National Coat of Arms in the top left corner is optional. The use of a tri-colour of… Read more »

Vietnam Flag Facts

The flag of Vietnam consists of a yellow star on a red background. Red is the colour often associated with the international communist movement. The Vietnam flag uses red to symbolise its social revolution and the blood lost in achieving this. The star represents the five classes of society in Vietnam – intellectuals, farmers, workers,… Read more »

Australia Flag Facts

One of the most recognisable national flags has to be the iconic Australian flag which displays the Union Jack along with the Commonwealth Star and the Southern Cross on a blue field. So, when was the Union Jack first seen on Australian soil? Lieutenant James Cook (a British explorer, navigator, cartographer, and captain in the… Read more »