Celebrations & Events Flags

Looking for ideas to brighten up an event, fund raiser or celebration? A novel way to cheer up any function room, party or gala is a vibrant celebration flag, available in various sizes and designs for all occasions. Give a birthday celebration a fabulous burst of colour with one of our vivid Happy Birthday flags, create a spooky makeover for your flagpole with a hauntingly fun Halloween flag, or show your respect on Armistice Day with a commemorative Poppy flag. Whatever your event, The Flag Shop has all the designs to create an impact.

After the perfect party decorations for your themed event or venue? No matter what you’re celebrating, The Flag Shop has amazing value adornments for your home, business, or advertising. Our Celebrations and Events Flags are quick, exciting, and convenient decorations for all your parties, dinners, and get-togethers, from one Happy New Year to the next!

Browse our Celebrations and Events Flags for exciting Christmas Flags and wish everyone the best of the season! This collection includes standards, bunting, and windsocks for Yuletide gatherings, and everything you need to deck the halls of your venue in bright colours and festive greetings. Our 5 ft by 3 ft Classic Christmas Flag will wish your guests a Merry Christmas as they walk into your restaurant, or catch the eyes of passers-by on the hunt for a winter warmer. Printed in run-resistant professional dyes for a crisp, full-resolution, colourfast finish, these red and white Noel wavers are part of The Flag Shop’s Multi-Buy Discount, so you can order similar-sized flags for a discount on your total shop.

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  1. England Charger (Rose/Lion) Flag
    England Charger (Rose/Lion) Flag
    Price Low as: £6.98
  2. Germany Bunting
    Germany Bunting
  3. St George Cross table flag satin
    England St George Table Flag Satin
    Price Low as: £5.45
  4. Germany table flag satin
    Germany Table Flag Satin
    Price Low as: £5.45
  5. Zimbabwe Table Flag
    Zimbabwe Table Flag Budget
  6. Lion Rampant Table Flag
    Scotland Lion Rampant Table Flag Budget
  7. Beer Bunting
    Beer Bunting
  8. Christmas Bunting
    Christmas Bunting
  9. Ireland table flag satin
    Ireland Table Flag Satin
    Price Low as: £5.45
  10. Lest We Forget Table Flag
    Lest We Forget Table Flag Budget
  11. Lest We Forget Bunting
    Lest We Forget Poppy Bunting
  12. Ireland Flag - Sewn
    20% OFF      
    Ireland Flag - Sewn
    Price Low as: £15.95
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Celebrations & Events Flags available at The Flag Shop

Need Celebrations and Events Flags for Easter? The Flag Shop’s Easter Flags collection is where you’ll find Happy Easter Bunting at low prices on great quality polyester templates for outdoor and indoor hanging. A quick, budget-friendly way to glam up kids parties or Easter Egg Hunts, and gets your business noticed with a seasonal splash of colour at your local farmer’s market!

We stock Celebrations and Events Flags for all year round, including durable, vibrant wavers for Halloween and Oktoberfest in Autumn, and all the Birthdays in between. Our popular 5 ft by 3 ft Union Jack is a top choice for St George’s Day, Royal events, Memorial Day commemoration, and all kinds of sports events, and makes an exceptional outdoor display for hotels, restaurants, pubs, clubs, and community halls. All our flags can be delivered to your doorstep for hanging straight away, and we offer free shipping to all UK mainland addresses. If you’re ordering overseas, we’ll send your wavers to you anywhere, so that you can tune in to your celebration events on the go!

Our popular St Patrick’s Day Flags are available as budget-friendly and satin table flags for jazzing up your celebration dinners, as well as lightweight, foldable hand flags complete with a stick for outdoor waving. The Flag Shop’s Ireland Hand Waving Flag is a hit at St Paddy’s Day get-togethers and the perfect accessory for taking with you to the pub! Compact and colourfast, these unmistakeable orange, white, and green flags can quickly and easily be stashed away in your luggage, as well as backpacks, car boots, and rucksacks for advertising on the move. Ideal for promoting your St Paddy’s Day drinks special or your sponsored sports event, they can be paired with our England St George Cross Hand Waving Flag for even lower prices with your bulk orders. Bring them along to Euro 2021, cheer on your squad at rugby games, or back your favourite team at the Olympics or any other sports events this year!

With The Flag Shop’s Armed Forces Day Flag, your army base or town hall can show its respect on Remembrance Sunday or welcome the troops marching past on a military show. We also stock and deliver bestselling 5 by 8 ft giant Union Jack Flags, ideal for themed backdrops or waving at any footy match, and versatile Red, White, and Blue Royal Triangle Bunting to complete your festive setup. 

If you’re looking for a fun, festive, weather-resistant decoration for celebrations in your county - or even a way to advertise your local business’ wares, our Yorkshire Flag, Black Country Day Flags, and Lancashire Day Flags are all ready for hanging with convenient metal grommets and double-sided images for maximum exposure outside your business. Printed on tear-proof, colourfast professional dyes in full resolution using The Flag Shop’s high-calibre photo printing technology, your business, home, party, venue, or team will be impossible to miss.

Shop The Flag Shop’s Celebration and Events Flags today and get ready for Diwali, Armed Forces Day, Remembrance Day, or even the next Royal Wedding in advance! With our great value wavers, durable polyester weave pennants, and full contrast prints, your celebration can be a burst of colour in no time!