Birthday Flags

When it is someone’s birthday, you have got to put up decorations to celebrate the occasion. After all, every birthday is special and throwing a party is a great way to bring everyone together! At The Flag Shop, we have a collection of Happy Birthday flags that will make sure everyone remembers the party. Check them out today to bring bright colour and fun to the occasion!

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  1. Happy 21st Birthday Bunting
    Happy 21st Birthday Bunting
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    Happy 18th Birthday Bunting
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    Happy 30th Birthday Bunting
  4. Happy 40th Birthday Bunting
    Happy 40th Birthday Bunting
  5. Happy 50th Birthday Bunting
    Happy 50th Birthday Bunting
  6. Happy 60th Birthday Bunting
    Happy 60th Birthday Bunting
  7. Happy 70th Birthday Bunting
    Happy 70th Birthday Bunting
  8. Happy Birthday Bunting
    Happy Birthday Bunting
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When you turn 18, it is a big day; this means you need a big flag to celebrate! With the 18th Birthday 5ft x 3ft Flag, you can make sure your venue is set for the big day. This flag is made from a quality polyester, which is durable enough for outdoor and indoor use. There are also two brass grommets, which makes it easy to hang this 18th Birthday flag high up on a flagpole. The design features lots of bright colours and party features, with Happy 18th in big letters in the middle.

Of course, turning 21 is just as special and this is a milestone to celebrate too. That is why you need to have a fun and fantastic 21st Birthday 5ft x 3ft Flag! This is made from a durable polyester material, which means it can withstand rain and windy weather when it is outdoors. There are two brass eyelets on this flag so you can hang it up easily on a flagpole for everyone to know it is a special birthday. Other big birthdays that we have with this amazing flag design include 30th, 40th, 50th and of course, a 60th Birthday and 70th Birthday.

Another great way to prepare for someone’s birthday and get the place all nicely decorated is with colour bunting! If your friend or family member is turning 30 then check out the Happy 30th Birthday Bunting! You can choose between lengths of three metres and nine metres, which have 10 or 30 flags on them. Every flag is made from a quality polyester and features a vibrant design for anyone’s 30th Birthday. We also have an 18th, 21st, 40th, 50th, 60th and 70th birthday bunting so that everyone can have a special birthday!

A great flag you can fly at any birthday party is the Happy Birthday 5ft x 3ft Flag! This has a white background and features a colourful rainbow, balloons, champagne and glasses, as well as a Happy Birthday message. The flag is made from a quality polyester so that it is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. There are also two metal grommets so that hanging it up on a flagpole is simple. We also having matching Happy Birthday Bunting! You can choose from lengths of three, six and nine metres, which feature between 10, 20 and 30 flags each. All of the flags measure 6 x 9 inches and are made from polyester and sewn onto a strong polyester tape.

What are you waiting for? Get ready to celebrate any birthday with The Flag Shop, your number one supplier of quality flags for every occasion!