St Patrick's Day Flags

Saint Patrick’s Day is an Irish celebration that can become famous all over the world, taking place on the 17th March every year. This is to honour the patron saint of Ireland and has been celebrated as early as the 17th century. On Saint Patrick’s Day, you can often see everyone wearing green, with shamrocks and festivals happening across the country. So, why not stand out from the crowd with a special flag from The Flag Shop? We have a range of flags to make the day special for everyone!

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  1. Ireland Table Flag
    Ireland Table Flag Budget
  2. Custom Ireland Flag
    Custom Ireland Flag
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  3. Ireland Flag - Sewn
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    Ireland Flag - Sewn
    Price Low as: £15.95
  4. St Patricks Cross Table Flag
    St Patricks Cross Table Flag Budget
  5. Ireland table flag satin
    Ireland Table Flag Satin
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  6. St Patricks Cross flag
    St Patricks Cross
    Price Low as: £6.98
  7. Ireland Bunting
    Ireland Bunting
  8. St Patrick's Day Flag - 5ft X 3ft
    St Patrick's Day Flag
    Price Low as: £6.98
  9. St Patrick's Day Bunting
    St Patrick's Day Bunting
  10. Shamrock Bunting
    Shamrock Bunting
  11. Shamrock Table flag
    Shamrock Table flag Budget
  12. St Patricks Cross Bunting
    St Patricks Cross Bunting
    Price Low as: £7.95
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The St Patricks Cross 5ft x 3ft Flag is perfect for celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day. This flag features the red saltire on a white field, which is used to honour Saint Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. Made from a quality polyester material, you use this flag in all weather conditions and with the two metal grommets, you can fly it proudly high on a flagpole. We also have a smaller St Patrick’s Cross 3ft x 2ft Flag available.

If you are looking for decorations that are suitable for events, then check out the St Patrick’s Cross Bunting. This is available in a length of six metres, which makes it great for attaching to railings or even hanging up indoors. This decoration features 20 St Patrick’s Cross flags printed with vivid colours onto a strong polyester. Another great choice of decoration for Saint Patricks Day has got to be the Shamrock Bunting. You can choose from three, six and nine metre lengths, which feature between 10 and 30 flags with the famous Irish Shamrock. For a real celebration, we also recommend the Giant St Patrick’s Day Bunting! This is the perfect way to bring the fun to any event, with 30 flags featuring a black background, an Irish shamrock, famous Leprechaun and green lettering for ‘Happy St. Patricks Day’. This bunting measures an enormous 18.25 metres and guests are sure to love it!

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For decorating tables on Saint Patricks Day, we love the Shamrock Table Budget Flag. This fantastic decoration features six inches by four inches flag featuring the green Shamrock, which is supplied with a black plastic stick and base. This makes a great addition to any table and can even be used as a personal desk accessory to make you feel at home!

Of course, no Saint Patrick’s Day celebration is complete without a large Ireland Tri Colour 8ft x 5ft Flag! This flag features the famous vertical tricolour of green, white and orange printed in vivid colours on a quality polyester material. This is sure to brighten up the celebrations and with two metal eyelets, you can easily fly this Irish flag proudly on a flagpole. To suit every occasion, we also have Irish flags available in 5ft x 3ft size and 3ft x 2ft size.

If you are attending a parade or event, you have to bring one of our Ireland Tri Colour Hand Waving Flags with you! This is the perfect patriotic accessory to bring with you, featuring the Irish flag design on a sturdy wooden stick. Now all ages can join in the fun and celebrations. In addition, we also have the Ireland Tri Colour Car Flag. Now you can decorate your car for the journey, with this Irish flag in bold and clear colours, attached to a sturdy plastic stick. This easily clips onto your car window and flies proudly as your drive by!

What are you waiting for? Choose your favourite Irish flag in time for Saint Patrick’s Day with our collection from The Flag Shop! As your number one supplier of quality flags, we have something for everyone to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day.