Merchant Navy Day

Merchant Navy Day is a day celebrated in the United Kingdom to mark the contribution of merchant seafarers past and present. It is an opportunity to honour the men and women who have sailed throughout history, as well as those currently working in the industry.

Merchant Navy Day is a special day dedicated to the courage and commitment of those who served in the Merchant Navy. The Flag Shop is proud to show our support for this remarkable group, comprising as it does a civilian fleet of merchant ships that rendered such invaluable service during times of war and peace alike. To provide some context, King George V bestowed the title 'Merchant Navy' after WWI to acknowledge their amazing contribution. Indeed, Britain's merchant fleet was the largest in the world at that time, with 200,000 sailors manning as many as one-third of all registered vessels!

The valiant work of these anonymous heroes often went unrecognised, despite them risking their lives to transport essential goods across hazardous seas during both World Wars. Amidst flying bullets and the shadow of enemy submarines, they persevered in the face of overwhelming adversity. Such was their selflessness that their heroic deeds often were overlooked by the more glamorous exploits of popular military action.

It's not just about appreciating their heroism during these times of difficulty; Merchant seafarers now shoulder the responsibility for more than 90% of the UK's imports. Unfortunately, many members of the public are unaware of this fact and so it is very important to emphasise their hard work.

It took years of lobbying to make September 3rd, 2000 the official day for commemorating members of the Merchant Navy. On this day each year, the British people demonstrate their gratitude and respect by raising the Red Ensign flag - the official banner of the Merchant Navy - in all regions of the United Kingdom. This symbolic gesture is to honour all those who have served beneath its proud folds throughout history.

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Buy Merchant Navy Day flags at The Flag Shop

One of the most visible ways to show your support for Merchant Navy Day is by flying the Red Ensign flag, which is the official flag of the Merchant Navy. You can display it outside your home or workplace to honour and remember those who served. We offer the classic Red Ensign Flag 3Ft X 2Ft which is super-versatile, or if you fancy really making a big statement then you may prefer the larger Red Ensign flag, affectionately known for many years as the ‘Red Duster!’ Measuring a huge eight feet by five feet, 243cm x 152cm, with two brass eyelets/grommets for hanging, you can’t be missed with this belter!

Even better, why not pay tribute by adorning your garden hedge or wall with some classic Red Ensign bunting! Imagine how great this would look draped proudly across, offering a killer backdrop for your garden or street gathering?

You could even do it whilst at work via a nifty Red Ensign Table flag on your desk! Let all your colleagues see your pride without taking up all your space!

 Many communities organise events and ceremonies on Merchant Navy Day. Check out if there are any parades, memorial services, or exhibitions happening near you. Participating in these activities allows you to pay tribute alongside others who share a similar appreciation for our maritime history. If you do find one, kids needn't be left out - They can join in the tribute by waving their smaller Red Ensign Hand Waving Flags! And we all know how much they love to do that! It also helps to ensure the next generation understands and respects the day, and what it commemorates.