Northern Ireland Centenary Flags

Northern Ireland’s 100th anniversary is just around the corner in 2021! The Flag Shop has all the a href="">Northern Ireland Centenary Flags/a> you need to mark the day with flair. Our celebratory, commemorative, and patriotic flags are perfect for decorating your Northern Ireland-themed get-together, whether that’s a dinner, veteran’s club meeting, or work do at your office./p>

At The Flag Shop, you can order a href="">Northern Ireland Hand Waving Flags/a> in a knitted polyester weave to bring along to your local rally, gathering, or from waving from your window. Measuring 18 x 12 inches, or approximately 45 cm by 30 cm, this Ulster Banner features a flawless white background with the St George’s cross in bold red prints on the fore. Vibrant and colourful, the Red Hand Flag includes an iconic motif and crown in the centre, reinforced with double-stitched hems for extra protection against fraying, tatters, and tears. Designed for outdoor readiness and perfect for bringing along to marches and demonstrations, the Northern Ireland Hand Waving Flag comes with a portable 24-inches or 60 cm wooden stick and can be packed into any backpack or suitcase. Add this historical must-have to your Northern Ireland Centenary Flags collection and we’ll ship your product to you completely free of charge if you live on the UK mainland./p>

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Northern Ireland Centenary Flags available at The Flag Shop

Celebrate Northern Ireland’s 100th birthday with a standard Northern Ireland Flag on your flagpole! The same recognisable red and white design is available in 5 ft by 3 ft sizes in our huge collection, with two inbuilt eyelets constructed from hardy metal to avoid ripping or tearing when your flag flutters in the wind. Ideal for all outdoor applications, from advertising to decoration - or even as a venue marker - these standard NI flags are part of The Flag Shop’s Multi-Buy discount offer. Order same-size Northern Ireland Centenary Flags from our collection in different designs, and we’ll apply our bulk-buy reduced prices to your order. 

Even more lightweight but with just as much attention-grabbing impact, our Small Northern Ireland Flag spans 3 ft by 2 ft wide and high and is printed with photo-quality detail and crisp colours. Fly your white and red with full high-resolution contrast in sun, hail, or snow without your flag fading - these small flags can be used season after season without bleaching on exposure to UV light. Small flags are designed especially to fly on standard flagpoles and can be a great way to mark events or advertise where you’re working with limited space. 

Marking the day with a show of support for your favourite football team? The Flag Shop’s standard-sized Northern Ireland Football Flag is a bestseller with ardent admirers of the sport! The official flag Northern Ireland Football Association flag uses stunning emerald and the instantly-recognisable Celtic cross motif to show everyone which side you’re backing. An essential for die-hard footy fans, as well as local and regional clubs, the Northern Ireland Football flag can be found in bars and homes across the nation. Celebrate 2021 with a proud flash of colour with these flags, which can be mixed and matched with other Northern Ireland Centenary Flags for our bulk-buy savings.

Show your colours on the go by marking the centenary with a Northern Ireland Car Flag, printed lovingly on hard-wearing polyester with sharp details and long-lasting dyes. Northern Ireland Car Flags can be quickly and conveniently attached to car windows for a flash of national pride on the move. Measuring 40 by 25 centimetres, or 16 by 10 inches, NI Car Flags are finished with stable plastic sticks for attachment, plus a plastic clip for extra sturdiness. A popular choice for anybody without a flagpole, these car flags are compact but flashy and printed on hardy polyester.

Decorate your desk or create a centenary centrepiece for the dinner table with a Budget Northern Ireland Table Flag - the perfect way to decorate entire homes and offices at once! Budget Northern Ireland Table Flags can be ordered from The Flag Shop with 2-, 3-, or 4-hole plastic bases and stand 30 centimetres or 12 inches tall. Where a regular flag just won’t fit, use these 6- by 4-inch or 150 mm by 100 mm flags to commemorate the centenary in style!

Order now and enjoy The Flag Shop’s Mainland UK-wide delivery. All our Northern Ireland Centenary Flags are VAT free and can be shipped to any global address of your choice - so get ready for May 2021 now!