Flag Bunting

Looking to buy bunting? At The Flag Shop, we have loads of quality string flags on sale in a range of sizes and styles, including loads of world country bunting, and bunting for special events and occasions such as Birthdays, Christmas, Valentines Day, Easter and Halloween.

Currently, we sell bunting in a range of sizes, including 22cm x 15cm and giant 30cm x 45cm. Bunting also varies with the amount of flags per string, so no matter how much bunting you need, you’ll find a bunting set on theflagshop.co.uk to suit you.

Set Ascending Direction
  1. Jersey Bunting
    Jersey Bunting
  2. Pakistan Bunting
    Pakistan Bunting
  3. Poland Bunting
    Poland Bunting
  4. Happy Birthday Bunting
    Happy Birthday Bunting
  5. British Army Bunting
    British Army Bunting
  6. Derbyshire Bunting
    Derbyshire Bunting
  7. Lithuania Bunting
    Lithuania Bunting
    Price Low as: £7.95
  8. Antigua & Barbuda Bunting
    Antigua & Barbuda Bunting
  9. Argentina Bunting
    Argentina Bunting
  10. Croatia Bunting
    Croatia Bunting
  11. Costa Rica Bunting
    Costa Rica Bunting
  12. Czech Republic Bunting
    Czech Republic Bunting
  13. Afghanistan Bunting
    Afghanistan Bunting
    Price Low as: £7.95
  14. Albania Bunting
    Albania Bunting
    Price Low as: £7.95
  15. Bhutan Bunting
    Bhutan Bunting
  16. Bahamas Bunting
    Bahamas Bunting
  17. Sark Bunting
    Sark Flag Bunting
    Price Low as: £7.95
  18. Norfolk Bunting
    Norfolk Flag Bunting
  19. Asexual Bunting
    Asexual Bunting
    Price Low as: £7.95
  20. Caithness Bunting
    Caithness Bunting
    Price Low as: £7.95
  21. One Eyed Jack Bunting
    One Eyed Jack Pirate Bunting
    Price Low as: £7.95
  22. Bi Pride Bunting
    Bi Pride Bunting
  23. Botswana Bunting
    Botswana Bunting
  24. Kinshasa Zaire Bunting
    Democratic Republic Of Congo - Kinshasa Zaire Bunting
  25. Shetland Islands Bunting
    Shetland Islands Bunting
  26. Trinidad & Tobago Bunting
    Trinidad & Tobago Bunting
  27. Dominica Bunting
    Dominica Bunting
  28. Green Bunting
    Plain Green Bunting
  29. Orange Bunting
    Plain Orange Bunting
  30. Pink Bunting
    Plain Pink Bunting
  31. Yellow Bunting
    Plain Yellow Bunting
  32. Iceland Bunting
    Iceland Bunting
  33. Djibouti Bunting
    Djibouti Bunting
  34. East Timor Bunting
    East Timor Bunting
Set Ascending Direction

If you’re going to a Gay Pride event, why not buy Gay Pride Rainbow bunting? Bright and vibrant, this LGBT design is great for any pride event. Decorative bunting is also a colourful addition to any party, ideal for kids birthday parties. We stock a range of multi coloured triangle bunting, as well as silver and gold triangle bunting which is 12m long, enough for street parties. We also have red, white and blue bunting for sale, ideal for British and American themes alike.

World flag bunting is a massive best seller - no matter where you’re from, we stock loads of world countries, ranging from The Union Jack of Great Britain to Australia and New Zealand. Each country from Europe, North America, South America, Antarctica, Asia, Africa and Oceania is for sale at flagshop.co.uk, including bunting sets for each continent.

As well as bunting of the same design throughout, we also stock sets of bunting, which are great for throwing World Cup, Olympics and Eurovision parties. We have individual bunting sets for each event, as well as bunting sets for each continent which include each country. World continent bunting is also popular, as world country bunting is Flag Shop best seller.

Union Jack bunting is another best seller, ideal for Jubilees, the Queen’s Birthdays and anything royalty related. Buy Union Jack bunting for the ultimate patriotic touch to any British themed party. We have Union Jack Bunting for sale in regular, triangle bunting and giant bunting, so no matter what you’re looking for you’ll find it at The Flag Shop. As well as Union Jack bunting, we also stock loads of bunting for other UK countries, including Ireland, Scotland and Wales, and various other UK designs.

Our range of celebration and events bunting for sale including Halloween bunting, St Patrick’s Day bunting and various milestone birthday bunting designs. We also have pirate bunting for sale, which is great for kids parties.

As well as world flag bunting, we also sell bunting for all the counties in Britain, including Devon, Lancashire, Yorkshire and Northamptonshire. Each county flag from England and Scotland is packed with history and heritage, ideal for patriotic people who love their country. As well as countries and events, we also sell religious bunting - our Sikh bunting is colourful and vibrant, ideal for brightening up any area. We have religious bunting for sale in a wide range of styles and religions to suit you.

Bunting for events is also great for brightening up any party. We have bunting for all occasions, including St Georges Day, St Andrew's Day and Military flag Bunting  . Our birthday bunting for sale is available in a range of milestone designs, as well as classic happy birthday bunting. Our Christmas bunting are ideal for festive parties, with Halloween bunting to add a spooky twist to any gathering.