Remembrance Day Bunting

Remembrance Day each year is our opportunity to express our gratitude and gratefulness for peace, and pay tribute to our fallen soldiers. It can be a touching time for many and a particularly important event for those in the UK and Ireland. Wherever you find yourself this Remembrance Day, you may wish to show your respect to our armed forces with an event, or even a quiet moment.

This year’s Remembrance Day will be an especially poignant time, signalling the hundredth anniversary of the Great War’s end. If you are part of an organisation, hosting an event, or simply want to play your part in commemoration, we at The Flag Shop have a range of tasteful Remembrance Day Bunting for the occasion.

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It’s traditional for communities to gather together the 11th of November, to reflect on Armistice Day and keep the message alive through the years. If you are hosting a church or community event, we recommend our Poppy Bunting as a lovely way to raise some awareness. Made from durable polyester, The Flag Shop has two different lengths if you want to buy Poppy Bunting in 3m (10 flags) or 9m lengths (30 flags). We use high-quality printing, so your Remembrance Day bunting stands out and won’t fade or fray over time. Each flag is 6 inches by 9 inches, so they are ideal for both indoor and outdoor venues. In a professional setting, too, our Poppy Bunting is an elegant way to participate.

Those blessed with space or hosting an outdoor event may also find our giant Lest We Forget bunting suitable for letting people know where it is taking place. The timeless poppy design stands out clearly against a black and white Lest We Forget on thirty 12-inch by 18-inch flags across 22.75 metres. We recommend these for a memorial parade, a town hall, or for military events alongside our classic Union Jack flags , which also come in giant 5ft x 8ft designs. If you’re in the UK and want to buy Remembrance Day bunting , we will deliver it to your doorstep completely free. Just like our Poppy Bunting, our giant Lest We Forget bunting is made from durable polyester and will last through all weathers.

Our Remembrance Day bunting will fit the bill for military occasions. We also offer beautiful British military bunting and Remembrance Day hand flags exquisitely tailored especially for those commemorative events. Should you want a selection of different flags for your military base, we have a Remembrance Day flag pack that features 5ft x 3ft versions of the British Army flag, Royal Air Force flag, Union flag, Royal Navy White Ensign and the Remembrance Day Poppy flag. You may also find that we have what you’re after in our Military Flags collection .

Should you not find what you’re looking for in our vast array of Remembrance Day bunting and flags, we will print you something fitting with our custom printed flag service . If you are raising funds for a charity or a non-profit organisation, you will find that we have teardrop flags, banners, feature flags and portrait flags to increase your organisation’s visibility. We offer HiResolution photo quality finish mesh PVC banners if you are hoping to run an event – they are perfect for letting people know where it will be.

The Flag Shop also has an extensive array of flag accessories, which are just the ticket if you would like to buy flagpoles and parts . Our stock includes windsocks, pole stakes, wind spinners, and everything necessary to get your flags up and waving. For outdoor events, you may want our flagpole bags and sleeves or flag bungees for attaching our excellent Remembrance Day flags.

Remembrance Day is a worldwide event and an opportunity for everyone to pay their respects, no matter where they are. We at The Flag Shop offer international shipping options for wherever you are in the world, so you can rest assured that your flags will arrive in time for the event. If you are headed overseas this November, you may want to take along our lightweight Remembrance Day flag packs and hand flags. Whatever occasion you will be attending, we at The Flag Shop have got a thoughtful, quality solution for you.