Ukraine Bunting

Looking for a way to mark Independence Day, or stand behind the Ukrainian national team? The Flag Shop’s Ukraine Table Flags are just what you need when it’s time to get decorating, with a selection of designs for your festive displays. 

The Flag Shop’s Satin Ukraine Table Flags make stylish table markers on your workspace, or focal pieces on your family dinner table on New Years, Orthodox Christmas, or Independence Day. With our lightweight, high-quality Ukraine Satin Table flags, you can display your official national flag on a silky 9 x 6 inch (22 cm x 15 cm) template at formal meetings, in the office, or anywhere you want to show off your Ukrainian pride. Each Satin Table Flag stands on its own telescoping chrome flag pole and base, or can be ordered with just a flag pole to be used as a mini hand waver at events. If you’re looking for an elegant, high-quality way to greet diplomatic guests, advertise at formal events, or add the blue and gold of Ukraine’s National Standard to your themed event, our Satin Table Flags are perfect!

The Flag Shop’s Budget Ukraine Table Flags are our wonderfully priced way to decorate with high-quality polyester flags on a budget, or to dress up bigger venues for special events and celebrations. Featuring the blue and yellow horizontal stripes of the official flag of the Ukraine, our cost-effective Budget Ukraine Table Flags are printed on high-strength polyester (115 gsm) using eye-catching, weather-resistant dyes. Each 6 inch by 4 inch table flag (10 cm by 15 cm) can be ordered with a plastic stand and flag pole (12 inches or 30 cm) for desktop decorations at work, in restaurant windows, or on diners’ tables at your business. If you’re hoping to save even more on your advertising campaign or decorating budget, all our Ukraine Table Flags can be ordered alongside other table flags from The Flag Shop’s e-catalogue for a Multi-Buy Discount on your total order. These picture-perfect wavers come with free delivery when you order to a UK business or domestic address, so you can create stylish Ukraine-themed or international inspired displays, centrepieces, and decorations both quickly and easily.

Why not organise your table flags with our two-, three-, or four-hole bases to create a stylish focal piece? Or get your restaurant, bar, or pub ready for the Olympics with a Ukraine Table Flag on every table?

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    Ukraine Flag Bunting
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