Jubilee Bunting

Throw an unforgettable party to celebrate Her Majesty with The Flag Shop’s bright and buoyant Jubilee Bunting, a fun, lively, and patriotic way to show off your national pride! Our strikingly beautiful Union Jack bunting comes in all shapes and sizes for your business, home, or office, and is the perfect way to add a touch of class to your Platinum Jubilee festivities.

Make sure your party or parade steals the show with wonderfully themed Union Jack Triangular Flag Bunting, a bestseller for all Royal events big and small! Perfect for stringing across streets, parade routes, showgrounds, playgrounds, and seating areas in your cafe, hotel, or pub, these beautifully bright Union Jack Triangular pennants add instant pizzazz to a Platinum Jubilee event. With the United Kingdom’s national flag digitally printed in red, white, and blue using vibrant colourfast dyes, each flag on this showstopping bunting is printed in high-resolution photo prints. Easy to hang on balconies, storefronts, and on any string across your square, plaza, or marketplace, The Flag Shop’s Jubilee Bunting shows off 50 high-quality flags measuring 11.75 x 7.5 inches (30 cm x 19 cm) each. Spanning twenty metres (66 feet) long, this bunting works year after year as a show of patriotic pride on Remembrance Sunday, St George’s Day, Jubilee events, Royal weddings, the World Cup, athletics events, and the Olympics. Brilliant uses for these durable, polyester knit flags include theming streets for outdoor parties, decorating parade routes for military marches, and decking out Royal Army, Navy, or RAF bases on key holidays.

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Jubilee Bunting available at The Flag Shop

Go large with The Flag Shop’s mammoth Giant Union Jack Bunting and show your support for Her Majesty with a breathtaking display that’s impossible to miss. Where our standard-sized Union Jack Crest Bunting or 6-metre British / United Kingdom Bunting just won’t cut it, these enormous 45cm x 30cm (12 inch by 18 inch) pennants will get your support noticed from a mile away. Printed on both sides in crisp, sharp photo-quality resolution with run-resistant weatherproof flag dyes, each bright and buoyant pennant on this 18.25 metre (60 ft) bunting is impossible to miss. A picture-perfect way to make your Jubilee event stand out with a cascade of 30 giant-sized Union Jacks, this bunting is quick to hang and can be folded and stored easily for re-use on every national holiday. Each flag is constructed from high-grade 115gsm woven polyester for a long service life without unwanted tears, tatters, or fraying.

Fly UK Royal Standard Flag Bunting and show that the Queen’s got a permanent place in your heart. The iconic Royal Standard featured on these standard-sized pennants combines the English, Northern Irish, and Welsh flags along with motifs for the Crown dependencies and British Overseas Territories. Our UK Royal Standard Bunting adds a grand royal touch to festivities and provides an elegant contrast of shapes alongside triangular bunting like your Union Jack Triangular Flag Bunting and Red, White, and Royal Blue Flag Bunting. Available in 3-metre (9.8 ft) lengths for classrooms, single rooms, or shop windows, 6 metres (19.5 ft) for standard venues, and a longer 9 m (30 ft) for decorating your building facade or outdoor area in one fell swoop. Each of the 10 red and gold pennants on this Jubilee bunting measures 6 x 9 inches (150 cm x 23 cm).

Let The Flag Shop’s Celtic Nations Flag Bunting say it all for you, even louder than you can cheer at the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations. This brilliantly coloured polyester bunting is an ideal Jubilee decoration in Ireland, Scotland, Cornwall, Wales, and other Celtic nations, combining all the symbolic motifs of each nation on one signature flag design. Measuring 3 metres, 6 metres, or 9 metres in length, each Celtic Nations pennant on this bunting is 15 cm x 23 cm in size and digitally printed on high-strength polyester. Add some pep to your Jubilee party or celebrate the Queen’s big day with a splash of regional pride when you decorate your dinners, drinks, brunches, lunches, or Jubilee event screenings with this popular adornment. Available with The Flag Shop’s reliable, fast, and free UK-wide delivery, so that you can have all your decorations ready in time for the big day!