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  1. Military Flags Old and New

    Military Flags Old and New
    Across the world there are lots of fascinating military flags used by branches of the army, as well as naval ensigns used by nautical forces, such as the navy. Flags and signs have been used as far back as the Bronze Age for warfare and became common especially during the medieval period. While the use of military flags in war...
  2. Custom Flags Website Launch

    Custom Flags Website Launch
    Welcome to the new launch of the Custom Flags website! As one of the UK’s largest suppliers of custom-made flags, there is no better place to create your very own personalised flag for your company or special occasion. We offer a range of high quality flags in different shapes, sizes and styles so that everyone can bring their vision to...
  3. Centenary of the RAF

    Centenary of the RAF
      Are you wondering what RAF100 stands for? Well, on April 1st 2018, The Royal Air Force are celebrating its 100th birthday, bringing all of the RAF’s achievements and history to the forefront. To mark the occasion, there are lots of events and parades being held over the coming months locally and nationally, which will be a lot of fun...
  4. Choosing Nylon vs Polyester for Flags

    Choosing Nylon vs Polyester for Flags
    Are you looking for the best flag for your next event or special occasion? Well, you have come to the right place! But, one question we always get asked is whether you should choose a nylon or polyester flag.  The truth is that both nylon and polyester flags are good materials, but they offer you different advantages. It all depends on...
  5. Six Nations Rugby Tournament is here!

    Six Nations Rugby Tournament is here!
    It is almost that time of year again that every rugby fan looks forward to; the Six Nations Championship! Starting in February, teams fight it out to take home the Championship trophy and since the competition is known as rugby’s greatest tournament, you know everyone wants to win. The Six Nations Championship is an annual rugby tournament that takes place...
  6. The History of the World Cup

    The History of the World Cup
      A lot of people can’t remember a time when there wasn’t football on the television. That is because the game has been around a long time! When it comes to international football, we have all heard of the FIFA World Cup; but, did you know that the first ever international football match was played way back in 1872? This...
  7. World Cup Russia 2018 – The Groups

    World Cup Russia 2018 – The Groups
    The 2018 FIFA World Cup draw at the beginning of December saw the teams that will be featuring in the group stage decided. This stage of the competition is when everything heats up and with the 21st FIFA World Cup being held in Russia, this is sure to be an exciting competition! So, there are 32 teams in the competition and...
  8. Custom Flags for Car Dealerships

    Custom Flags for Car Dealerships
      Are you looking for something to make your car dealership stand out from the rest? Let’s face it; there is a lot of competition out there when you are selling cars. Everyone has different makes and models, new and used, as well as different deals going on throughout the year. This means you have got to work extra hard...
  9. Choosing the Correct Flag Pole

    Choosing the Correct Flag Pole
      Flags are the best way to add a colourful decoration and an eye-catching accessory to any fun event or parade. But, sometimes we spend so long picking the perfect flag that we forget that we also need a flag pole! With so many flagpoles available, it can be difficult to know what one is the best to get for...
  10. Every Flag Tells a Story – Flags with the Most Unique Meanings

    Every Flag Tells a Story – Flags with the Most Unique Meanings
    Every country in the world has a flag that represents the people, flying high on the top of builds, landmarks and for the rest of the globe to see. But, some flags aren’t just made up of random colours and designs that somebody threw together; they are based on parts of that country’s culture, history or even by legend. Every...

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