Why Designed Facemasks are This Summer’s Must-Have…

It’s been an extraordinary 2020 so far, in more ways than one. But despite all the change and all the uncertainty, there are two things that haven’t changed in the slightest.

First of all, Summer’s here, and we’re loving the out-of-door time that brings with it. Second, as humans – we just love a chance to show off our great fashion sense. Face masks are now a must in so many places – from outdoor events and takeaways to hotel lobbies and supermarkets. And of course, where there’s a must, there’s always a must-have. If you’re sick and tired of not having your smile seen, there are now more than a few other ways to light up a room – we’re talking Designed Face Masks!

Here’s why we’re all about adding colour, flair, and iconic designs to our mandatory PPE.

Express Yourself!

By design, face masks cover our mouths and most of our face. And if you’re sick and tired of being asked to repeat yourself, you’re not alone! But staying safe and keeping others safe doesn’t have to mean hiding your gorgeous smile, nor should it mean staying quiet when you’ve got something to say. In fact, we’re choosing to view them as a creative fashion challenge! If you’d like to raise some awareness about a certain cause, a designed facemask lets you do so in a chic and trendy way. It also goes with all your outfits!

At The Flag Shop, we’re loving the soft pastels of our latest Transgender Face Mask, for example – the perfect way to stop the spread while showing your support for the LGBT community. Even as so many Pride events have been cancelled or at least postponed, there’s no need to hide those multi-colours from the world. Keep on supporting, we say! 

We’re also seeing more private celebrations as public gatherings remain on ice, and as lockdowns begin to cautiously ease up, there’s even more opportunity to make a bold statement with your face-covering. Our Progress Pride Face Covering features all the rainbow colours in their full glory and meets the mandatory government criteria when you’re over at a friend’s house for that Pride Month get-together in October.

Get Colourful

A little brightness and some creative hues can go a long way while many of the things we’re used to doing remain off the agenda. Whether you’re missing distant loved ones or the buzz of the office, we believe designed face masks have become one of life’s little indulgences. By getting festive with your PPE, you can pick up some spirits simply by walking down the street!

No matter where you are, designed facemasks are an inspired way to add some cheer to your life – and bring some cheer to those you pass during the day! We’ve been stocking up on this iconic Rainbow Face Mask, which fits most face types and helps you brighten up the office, or even your local cafe when you pop in for a coffee. Made from 100% soft, comfortable cotton, they’re easy to machine-wash and reuse time and again. You’ll be protecting the environment, too!

Show Your Support

Every day is a new chance to show your support for those who’ve been helping on the front line. Or, just for who you are and where you live. There’s never been a more obvious way to add some flair to your patriotism while facemasks remain essential, and it’s why we’ve seen beautiful Union Jack Face Coverings sported around the nation. If you’re not up for carting a flag every time you pop down to the pub to watch a match, why not sport the red, white, and blue on your face? You’re almost guaranteed to score a free pint from your fellow footy fans!

Be There In Spirit!

Finally, overseas travel is (mostly) a no-go at the moment, but that doesn’t mean you and your family can’t get in the spirit of things with your face wear. If you’re missing out on a summer holiday in the Continent this season, why not get in the spirit of things anyway with a European Union Face Covering? These also work brilliantly and conform to many airlines’ pandemic precautions if you’re venturing abroad anyways – perfect!

With brilliant hues and fabulous designs to choose from, there’s no need to go unnoticed while you’re slowing the spread. Whether you’re out shopping, heading to the cinema, or meeting up with friends, there are a million ways to spice up your PPE with a creative design. Designed face masks are the easiest, most on-trend way to spread smiles are this summer while ensuring you protect yourself and those around you. As we said, they may be mandatory – but that’s exactly why they’re this Summer’s must-have wardrobe staple!

So, what face mask says it all for you?