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Face Masks

Face masks are a must-have this year, but why be boring? There’s no reason not to bring some smiles to those around you while you’re staying safe, and we at The Flag Shop are here to make sure you do exactly that. With your choice of creative designs and fun themes, you can even turn your PPE into a stand-out advertising message, so what design catches your eye?

Our face coverings are all professionally designed to meet mandatory legislative requirements, and provide you with careful protection to keep you safe in public. While protecting others, you can still be yourself and show your feelings - even if you can’t show your real smile just yet!

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    Transgender Face Mask
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Buy Face Masks at The Flag Shop

With a Rainbow Face Mask it’s never been more simple to bring some colour into strangers’ lives as they pass by  and these 37.58 x 21 cm coverings will easily fit all children and adults alike. Made from 100% skin-friendly cotton, the standard blue face mask is out and you’ll be able to rock your protective equipment in all the colours of the spectrum. Also great for LGBTQ events, such as pride parades, rallies, and outdoor gatherings, these rainbow face coverings are easily machine-washable at 35-45 degrees celsius. Reduce your environmental impact, make a statement, or simply add some colour to your day with these bright, expressive hues! 

If LGBT pride is what you’re wanting to show, our Transgender Face Mask stands out in beautiful, stylish pastels. With soft rose, clean white, and gorgeous blue tones, these coverings are perfect for anyone who wants a way to show solidarity with the transgender community, too! Why not save on your face coverings while expressing your pride, and order three masks to save on the full price with The Flag Shop’s discount? 

Is it national pride that you’d like to show? Our best-selling Union Jack flag has just been reimagined and can now be ordered as a fun face protective covering. There’s no need to don a boring plain mask every time you step into the store, pharmacy, or sit on the train - a Union Jack Face Mask will keep you and others just as safe while adding some colour and national pride to your look. If you’re heading to your local club or pub to watch a match, why not stay safe while supporting your favourite team with these red, white, and blue iconic coverings?

The Flag Shop also stocks European Union Face Mask designs featuring the Union’s blue and yellow-starred ensign. Those from the Continent, or looking to make a political statement while maintaining social distancing, can now do so easily with our EU coverings that meet mandatory legal requirements. Stopping the spread and keeping good hygiene doesn’t mean you need to disappear into the faceless, nameless crowd anymore - why not attend your next social gathering, or work get-together safely and in style?

Finally, why not check out The Flag Shop’s flashiest PPE yet – our striking Progress Pride face covering – if a small splash of colour just won’t do? This respectful, energetic, LGBTQ-themed mask is a combination of multiple flags together, set on a classic rainbow backdrop. Even on the rainiest, dullest workday, it will be hard not to have a smile on behind this fabulous face mask, which is simple to clean and a great way to have peace of mind while you’re out of the house.

All face masks from The Flag Shop are double-layered for your comfort and protection. Whether you’re travelling long hours on public transport each day, or you’re heading back to the office to work, why not inject some fun into your mandatory PPE with a face mask that makes you look brilliant? Check out The Flag Shop Face Masks today!

If you’re searching for more great ways to get expressive, why not look in our catalogue of amazing flags for your next festival, party, or advertising message? Match your protective face cover with a car flag that hangs out of your car window, or a table flag to brighten up your home? Everything you need and more can be found right here at The Flag Shop, and with a few simple clicks, you can be designing or ordering your own flag or face-covering in seconds. Don’t miss out!