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Flag Facts

  1. Antigua and Barbuda Flag Facts

    Antigua and Barbuda Flag Facts
    Antigua and Barbuda was ruled by the British from around 1632 until 1871 when they joined the British colony - the Federal Colony of the Leeward Islands (other countries in the colony were Montserrat, Saint Christopher, Nevis, Virgin Islands and Dominica). The flag used at this time was a blue ensign comprising of a Union Jack in the top left...
  2. Zimbabwe Flag Facts

    Zimbabwe Flag Facts
    On the 18th April 1980 Zimbabwe was granted independence from the United Kingdom and a new national flag was adopted. The flag of Zimbabwe carries political, cultural and regional meanings. The Zimbabwe flag consists of five different colours – green, gold, red, black and white. Green represents the agricultural and rural landscape of Zimbabwe. Yellow stands for the wealth of...
  3. Angola Flag Facts

    Angola Flag Facts
    Angola was one of the last African countries to gain independence from their colonisers (the Portuguese colony of Angola was founded in 1575) and finally gaining their independence in 1975. The current Angola flag is heavily designed around the MPLA flag (popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola). The MPLA fought Portuguese colonial rule and are now the ruling party...
  4. Andorra Flag Facts

    Andorra Flag Facts
    The Andorra flag has seen a number of changes over the last 150 years, with its history being a little vague as to the exact design and length of time certain flags were in use. Andorra was originally part of Catalonia, and as such used the Catalan flag until 1806 when a red and yellow vertical striped flag was used...
  5. Algeria Flag Facts

    Algeria Flag Facts
    After a century of occupation by France, Algeria gained independence in 1962, and adopted the flag of Algeria we see today. The flag is very similar to the one used by the Algerian government in exile (1958–1962) with two main differences – the current flag displays a red crescent and star placed centrally, with equally spaced vertical green and red...
  6. Albania Flag Facts

    Albania Flag Facts
    The flag of Albania has been through a generous number of changes during the 20th century – with all flags displaying a variation of the double headed eagle with red background. During the reign of King Zogu 1928–1939 (a strict ruler who ran a police state, eliminating civil liberties , silenced the press and murdered opponents), the Albanian flag displayed...
  7. Afghanistan Flag Facts

    Afghanistan Flag Facts
    The flag of Afghanistan has been through more changes than any other flag since the start of the 20th century, with a whopping 20 changes to the designs since the plain black flag of the Hotaki dynasty (1709-1738). Afghanistan was ruled under several Empires before being declared a kingdom in the first half of the 20th century, with four changes...
  8. Union Jack Flag Facts

    Union Jack Flag Facts
    One of the greatest and most iconic flags to grace a pole has to be the resplendent Union flag, otherwise known as the Union Jack. Standing as a symbol of patriotism and pride in the Great British nation, the Union Jack was seen in its thousands during Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee and 90th birthday celebrations. You will...

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