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Do you want to show your support for your nation, your favourite team, or to celebrate something special? At The Flag Shop, you can buy flags from our vast range of quality options for any event or occasion


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  1. Custom Plain White Flag
    Custom Plain White Flag
    Price Low as: £16.95
  2. Union Jack Table Flag
    Union Jack Table Flag Budget
  3. Scotland table flag
    Scotland Table Flag Budget
  4. USA Table Flag
    USA Table Flag Budget
  5. England Table Flag
    England St George Table Flag Budget
  6. Wales Bunting
    Wales, Welsh Dragon Bunting
  7. France Bunting
    France Bunting
  8. Germany Table Flag
    Germany Table Flag Budget
  9. St George Cross Bunting
    England St George Cross Bunting
    Price Low as: £7.95
  10. France Table Flag
    France Table Flag Budget
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Buy Flags at The Flag Shop

If you’d like to buy flags for a birthday, we offer a stunning range of festive, cheerful options for any 18th, 21st, 30th, 40th, 50th, or 60th celebration that will add a thoughtful touch to any gathering. Celebrating a special event? At The Flag Shop, you can easily buy personalised flags for that, too, through our fantastic printed custom flag options.

We offer a diverse array of professionally-crafted polyester flags in many different sizes to suit your needs. We have superb world flags if you are hoping to buy flags for your country, as well as an incredible variety of bunting and table flags for parties or festive dining. We both stock and print smaller 3ft x 2ft flags, through to standard 5ft x 3ft flags, and have giant 8ft x 5ft options if you’d like to buy flags that make a larger statement. Whatever you are looking for, The Flag Shop is definitely able to help you! Amongst our huge range, we also offer teardrop flags, feather flags, portrait flags, and windsocks. Our bunting comes in 5-metre options for indoor parties, to up to 15 metres if you’re planning to buy flags for an outdoor event.

Our popular world flag range includes the entire A to Z of all the world’s countries, meaning that you can buy flags, hand flags, or car flags to celebrate your national day in style. As we have flags from every country and continent, you can buy flags for Australia Day, Europe flags, USA Independence Day, and every individual nation. If you’re wanting to buy flags for British Isle counties, individual US states, French, Canadian, Spanish or German provinces. All The Flag Shop world flags are a perfect way to show your colours at international or regional events!

If you’re looking to buy flags for a special occasion, we are particularly proud of our exceptionally wide selection of celebratory flags. We at The Flag Shop cover so much more than just birthdays with our beautiful congratulatory flags for a new birth, like It’s a Boy and It’s a Girl, to welcome home a new baby. We have Halloween, Diwali, Oktoberfest, Christmas, New Year, and everything through to St Patrick’s Day in our Celebrations and Events Flag array so that you can buy flags and bring some extra cheer to that special occasion.

If you’re attending a Pride Event, we will help you make sure that you aren’t the least colourful person there with our range of rainbow bunting that comes in triangular options, too. It’s easy to show your support and join in the fun with the option to buy flags in so many styles and colours.

At The Flag Shop, we stock a massive diversity of military flags that are a fitting way to join in Remembrance Day and Armed Forces Day. You’ll be able to choose from nylon, polyester, and satin when you buy flags like our Royal Marines flags to commemorate at a special event or all year round.

We’re particularly proud of the huge range of flag packs and standalone flags we offer for sporting events. If you’re keen to buy flags for your car, house, or hand flags for a race, match, tournament or anything in between, The Flag Shop will have something for you. From Six Nations rugby bunting and hand flag packs to signature yellow Tour De France options, we have everything you will need. Your support will never go unappreciated with our tasteful Wimbledon table flags or NFL team flags!

When you buy flags with The Flag Shop online, you’ll find over 1000 designs to choose from, and you’ll never be without choice- or colour! We also stock a great collection of flag poles and parts, which range from bags and sleeves to wind spinners, hand flag poles and festival poles. We deliver worldwide, and our high-quality polyester designs will never let you down. From pirate flags, sale flags for your business, to religious and novelty flag products, we have it all.