Eurovision – The Last Great Lockdown Party of 2021

With our roadmap out of lockdown laid out, it looks Brits across the nation will finally be enjoying a little more summer sunshine. Let’s just say we’ve never been so excited about the prospect of British sun!

Before we head out, though, we’ve one last celebration on the cards. And this time – we’re celebrating a little more than just an event. 

Here at The Flag Shop, we’re tuning in to Eurovision 2021 for all the usual laughs, but we’ll also be toasting ourselves (and all of you!) for all the resilience we’ve shown so far. With at-home St Paddy’s Day and countless missed staycations in mind, we’ll be making the last great at-home party of 2021 a real whopper! 

Rotterdam 2021: The Beating Heart

By now, we’re seasoned veterans at turning our boring old living rooms-slash-offices into pumping party venues. So with Eurovision 2021, we’re especially glad to have a theme. 

Revealed only at the close of last year, Rotterdam 2021’s official logo may seem like nothing more than a flash of exciting colour at first glance – but as Eurovision organisers explain, there’s a little more to it. With Rotterdam at the centre, the logo actually depicts a map of Europe, with each vibrant segment pointing in the direction of a participating nation in this year’s popular song contest. And in true The Flag Shop style, each of those segments represents a European Country Flag!

It’s why we’ll be adding some pizzazz to our party venues with Euro 2020 Bunting (of course we stocked up in advance), and warming up our Euro 2020 Flag Packs to the tune of different nations. As we cook up some of our favourite treats from the Continent, like baklava from Greece and poffertje from this year’s host, our kitchen tables will be brighter than ever with Greece and Netherlands Table Flags

Over in the dining room, we’ll even be using European flag colours as the inspiration for some delicious, colourful cocktails of our own creation – like grenadine, peppermint, and vodka shooters for Bulgaria. A little something to get us through this year’s more dubious entries!

Cheer On Your Country!

Eurovision has always been a time for non-sports fans to cheer on their nation, and while it may not be “great music”, it’s fun to pick a winner and place some friendly bets. And who better to back than your own country?

Doubtless, many kitchen walls will be emblazoned with Union Jack bunting in a nostalgic tribute to Katrina and the Waves’ last win, that’s a given. We even like to think of the die-hard UK music fans ‘ironically’ tuning in for a laugh, but secretly armed with Union Jack Hand Waving Flags in the hopes of a long-overdue win!

Those who remember Abba’s big moment will have Sweden Table Flags among the kanelbullar, while we’re expecting to see some Israel bunting accompanying bureka from across the Mediterranean. Despite the scandal around this year’s Cypriot entry, you can count on some Cyprus bunting in living rooms across the Republic, and we’ll eat our hats if our Irish neighbours don’t break out the Shamrock flags from St Paddy’s Day!

Even If You Hate It…

The decorating possibilities for Eurovision 2021 are endless, and a smashing chance to whip out your national day flags, St George’s Flags, Euro 2020 flags, and more as you tune in to a mix of good, ludicrous, and terrible – but nonetheless well-intentioned songs. 

If you’ve got your TV pre-set for Six Nations, Eurovision 2021 is the perfect excuse to stock up on your Italy, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland flags, or even your France hand wavers for the Tour De France, which takes place in the same month.

For many, Rotterdam 2021 may also be among the last few non-voluntary Zoom parties apart from their loved ones – all the more reason to celebrate with a final virtual meeting. For others, it will be a great chance to show off months of lockdown cooking efforts with a final shebang. But for Brits everywhere, it’s as much a beginning as it is an end.

This year’s Rotterdam 2021 theme leaves everything to the imagination, and we’re glad for the opportunity to run with it and get decorating for one of the (hopefully!) last times. With a few strong contenders already in the mix, and our headphones ready for the less exciting acts, we’re ready to go! How will you be decorating?