European flag is available at The Flag Shop. Buy your European flags online here from our huge range of all the Europe flags, including the Spanish, France and Italy, Greek, Swedish and Germany flag. Also available you can get blue with gold stars EU Europe flags here. With all 27 countries of the European Union plus non EU flags of Europe available, including the countries Norway, Portugal and Poland, Switzerland, Austria and the Belgium flag, look no further.
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Europe flags for sale at

Europe, the world’s second smallest continent, is home to around 50 different countries. From massive Russia to tiny Vatican city, Europe boasts many different countries and cultures, all bursting with their own history.

From Greece, the birthplace of Western Civilisation, to The Berlin Wall and The Cold War, the history of Europe is hugely extensive. Also notable for the European Union, which has been at the centre of the media in recent months, there’s plenty of interesting facts to share about Europe…

Although European countries have been know to be divided in the past, many now stand together; but each have their own flag to represent the heritage of the proud country they stand for.

At The Flag Shop, we have a massive range of European flags on offer, so no matter where you’re from or which country interests you, we’ll have it in stock. Here’s some of our best sellers…

Germany, a country packed full of cultural cities such a Munich and Berlin, is one of our most popular flags. The simplistic black, red and yellow striped design of the German flag is instantly recognisable.Now famed for thier unstoppable football team, you’ll often see this flag flying high proudly at international footballing events. The flag itself was adopted in 1949, and although it’s notable for some turbulent history, the flag is now representative for a proud nation. Our Germany flag is made from the highest quality polyester, complete with two brass grommets so you can hang it easily wherever you please.

Another popular European flag is that of France. The tricoloured design was originally adopted in 1794, and has been a representation of the country ever since… Our high quality polyester France flag has been in the spotlight over recent months; firstly to show support in the aftermath of the 2015 Paris attacks and most recently for the Euro 2016 football tournament which took place in various cities across the country - with their home team making the country proud by making it all the way to the semi finals. Our flags are guaranteed to keep their colour through many seasons.

Our home nation flag is also a best seller; the patriotic Union Jack design is instantly recognisable across Europe and the World. The Union Jack is a clever combination of each nation’s flag; for example it contains the cross of the St George and the saltire of Scotland’s St Andrew. We have the Union Jack in stock in various different sizes, all made from the highest quality materials to minimise fading and fraying. Whether it’s Union Jack bunting for a street or garden party or a 5ft x 3ft flag to show your pride in our united nation, we have a huge ranges of colours and sizes to please every need.

Spain, a popular holiday destination amongst us Brits, is also one of our best selling flags. The yellow and red striped design consists of three stripes and the nations coat of arms - also popular in football tournaments across the world, the Spanish flag is easily noticed.We have the Spain flag in a range of different sizes, from quaint table flags to huge 8ft x 5ft designs. No matter what the size or purpose, all of our flags are made from the highest quality polyester. As well of the national flag, we also have a range of flags from the Spanish provinces including the Basque flag and the Catalonia flag.

Our Dutch flags are also amongst our most popular; we have a massive selection of sizes of the Netherlands flag with additional extras like our Amsterdam bunting for those who love to be reminded of one of their favourite holiday destination.

Another one of our most popular European flags is Italy - home to an array of massive cities, including Milan, Venice, Florence and of course, Rome. The flag itself is recognisable instantly, the simple tricolour design was adopted in 1946. Now a popular holiday destination due to it’s extensive culture, Italy is ever popular amongst locals and tourists alike. If you want to show your support of Italy, we have a massive range of flags for you; from hand waving to bunting and every size bigger, you are spoilt for choice with our high quality flags. We also have the Sicily flag on sale if you would like to show support for the province.

So, no matter whether it’s Monaco, Norway, Latvia, Lithuania, Iceland or even Finland, it doesn’t matter which country you want to support, you won’t be disappointed by our massive range of high quality flags at truly affordable prices!