Platinum Jubilee Table Flags

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Platinum Jubilee Table Flags available now at The Flag Shop

Commemorate Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee with an unforgettable arrangement of The Flag Shop’s bestselling Platinum Jubilee Table Flags. Our patriotic range of Jubilee Table Flags and Union Jack Table Flags includes stunning unique designs to help you mark this momentous occasion, with polyester and satin flags to choose from for your celebration table. Get your home or business ready for a Jubilee tea, dinner, or drinks!

Our popular Satin Union Jack Table Flag is the perfect way to turn an ordinary party into a brightly coloured Platinum Jubilee do in a flash and on a budget! The Flag Shop’s Satin Union Jack Table Flags are silky smooth durable satin templates digitally printed with the official flag of the United Kingdom in hi-resolution in colourfast dyes. This design shows off St Andrew’s Saltire, St Patrick’s Saltire, and St George’s Cross in crisp, sharp detail with photorealistic colours on a 6 inch by 9 inch (22 cm by 15 cm) template that can be used at outdoor parties, outside seating areas, and anywhere you want to host your event. Some of the best uses for these Platinum Jubilee Table Flags include jazzing up festive dinner tables for a Jubilee lunch, decorating classrooms for projects and assemblies, or theming restaurants, pubs, and other venues for special Jubilee promotions. Each Satin Union Jack Table Flag comes on a telescoping, shiny-effect chrome pole that stands 10 inches to 18 inches high on our lightweight but sturdy chrome base.

Want to add a royal theme to your Jubilee dinner or make your shop window stand out with its anniversary memorabilia? The Flag Shop’s Satin Union Jack Crest Table Flag adds a flourish of red, white, and royal blue to your visual merchandising with Her Majesty’s official coat of arms for a patriotic finish! These rip-resistant satin flags are designed for indoor and outdoor displays and can be used as Jubilee dinner table settings for guests, or arranged into unique focal pieces using a variety of our optional 2, 3, or 4 hole table flag bases. Each satin flag is printed with vivid colours onto strong satin fabric and measures 6 inches by 9 inches. If you’re after a stand-out arrangement for Her Majesty’s 70th anniversary, we recommend bulk ordering these alongside your Satin Union Jack Table Flags to save even more on your decorating spend with our Multi Buy Discount! 

Decorating large venues for Her Majesty’s special year doesn’t have to cost a fortune with The Flag Shop’s budget table flags! Our Budget Union Jack Table Flags are great value wavers that look wonderful in pubs, bars, clubs, coffee shops, and even in your food truck. Printed in photorealistic colours onto hard-wearing knitted polyester, these UK table flags can be positioned along counters, at receptions, or at any sales point for a patriotic flourish throughout the year. These table flags won’t make quite the royal impact of our Satin Table Flags, but are a cost-effective way to add style and national pride to any venue. Budget Union Jack Table Flags measure 15 cm by 10 cm (6 inches by 4 inches) and stand 12 inches tall (30 cm) on a compact black plastic stand. Perfect for window displays, mantelpieces, desks, dining tables, and more, these Platinum Jubilee table flags come with free UK shipping.

Decorating an entire venue, like a community hall, school, pub, or restaurant? The Flag Shop’s Jubilee table flags look amazing alongside our huge range of Platinum Jubilee Flags in small, medium, and large sizes as well as nylon and polyester designs. Shop our God Save The Queen Flags, Jubilee Years Flag, Platinum Jubilee 2022 Purple Flag or Union Jack with the Royal Coat of Arms of Great Britain to create a breathtaking themed decor with flags you can hang from a flagpole, balcony, or building front today. We also stock eye-catching festive Platinum Jubilee Bunting in a range of lengths, including our popular Union Jack Triangular Flag Bunting, triangular Red, White, and Royal Blue Bunting, Union Jack Royal Crest Bunting with the coat of arms, and Giant Union Jack Bunting for bumper-sized UK bunting. All our flags, bunting, and table flags come with free speedy delivery to addresses UK-wide, so you can receive your standards, accessories, and tabletop ornaments in time for your Jubilee celebrations. Order today!