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Queen's Platinum Jubilee 2022 flags

June 2022 will be an exciting day for Great Britain as England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland unite for her Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee. Marking a 70-year reign, the event will be marked by an extra-long 4-day Bank Holiday weekend as the nation comes together to celebrate the longest-reigning living Monarch. Whether you’re planning to catch one of the country’s famous military parades or hosting a celebration cream tea at home, make sure you do so in style with The Flag Shop’s UK Queen’s Jubilee Flags!

Decorate your garden for a gorgeous afternoon tea or sausage sizzle and entertain your friends as you tune in for her Jubilee speech! A 5 by 3 ft Union Jack Flag makes a great location marker for friends, family, and guests who want to find your party, and a fitting show of national pride as you celebrate the Queen’s 70 years on the throne. Knitted polyester makes these 5 x 3 ft (152 cm x 91 cm) standards durable and prevents them from tattering or unsightly fraying - no matter what the weather. Printed in vibrant, run-resistant dyes using The Flag Shop’s professional flag printing technology, these standards often take pride of place outside some of the nation’s most iconic sights. Like Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle, and the Great Parks!

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  1. Union Jack bunting
    Union Jack, Great Britain Bunting
  2. Union Jack Table Flag
    Union Jack Table Flag Budget
  3. Union Jack Crest Bunting
    Union Jack Crest Bunting
  4. Union Jack Crest Table Flag
    Union Jack Crest Table Flag Budget
  5. Custom Union Jack Flag
    Custom Union Jack Flag
    Price Low as: £16.95
  6. Union Jack table flag satin
    Union Jack Table Flag Satin
    Price Low as: £5.45
  7. UK Royal Standard Table flag
    UK Royal Standard Table flag Budget
  8. UK Royal Standard Bunting
    UK Royal Standard Bunting
  9. Union Jack crest table flag satin
    Union Jack Crest Table Flag Satin
    Price Low as: £5.45
  10. Old England Historic, Three Lions, (Richard The Lionheart) Flag
    Old England Historic, Three Lions, (Richard The Lionheart) Flag
    Price Low as: £6.98
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Queen's Platinum Jubilee 2022 flags available at The Flag Shop

Our 5 x 3 ft St George’s Cross England Flags are perfect for celebrating in sunny England, and the ideal way for you to show your patriotism outside your home, hotel, B&B, restaurant, or hospitality venue. Welcome guests to your Platinum Jubilee event, whether that’s a special lunch, drinks, or tea, and set an exciting tone for an afternoon of celebration. With two convenient, hardy metal eyelets to suspend your flag from a flag pole, wall, or window, our St George’s Cross England Flags show off England’s unmissable red and white national symbol in photo-resolution, high-quality professional prints. Guaranteeing you full contrast for a crisp, impactful outdoor decoration.

The Flag Shop’s Union Jack Great Britain Flag 3ft X 2ft is a lightweight, compact, and convenient flag for smaller venues, and looks brilliant in school assemblies, or playgrounds, as well as along parade routes. Use more than one to create a dazzling display of UK Queen’s Jubilee Flags outside your shop, office, or business. Mix and match these gorgeous 3 ft by 2 ft durable, knitted polyester wavers with our similar-sized UK Queen’s Jubilee Flags to create a stunning show for all UK nations and enjoy a discount on your total order. Decorate your outdoor area with 3 ft by 2 ft small Scotland Flags featuring the St Andrew’s Cross, the rampant red lion on a 3 ft by 2 ft Wales Flag, or 3 ft by 2 ft England St George’s Cross Flag for a dazzling display of colour!

For those celebrating in Wales, The Flag Shop’s 5 ft by 3 ft Wales Flag can be used to display a gorgeous show of pride both indoors and outdoors. Just like our standard-sized 5 ft by 3 ft Scotland St Andrew’s Cross Flag, these UK Queen’s Jubilee Flags are ideal for decorating parade routes or promoting your Jubilee offer on Bank Holiday weekend! With colourfast The Flag Shop dyes and tear-resistant templates, your flags can be shipped to you free of charge to all UK Mainland addresses. Designed not to fray, fade, or wash out on exposure to the elements, these durable flags can be used to make vibrant, festive displays at military bases, restaurants, pubs, cafes, and even in the office.

Why not join in the ceremonial splendour of the UK’s celebrated marches, guard changes, and military shows with a hand flag of your own? Show your support for Her Majesty with The Flag Shop’s lightweight, convenient, and easy-to-store UK Union Jack Hand Flags and wave along as the Royal Army goes by! Measuring a convenient 18 by 12 inches or 45 cm x 30 cm, these come ready for your celebrations on a 60 cm or 12 inch stick. Mix and match with our British Isles Hand Waving Flags for a striking local display of patriotic pride, or with our UK Counties Hand Waving Flags to show off your heritage on the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee long weekend!