Platinum Jubilee Flags

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Platinum Jubilee Flags available now at The Flag Shop

Mark Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee with a patriotic display of The Flag Shop’s best Platinum Jubilee Flags. Our stunning Union Jacks and Royal-themed flags can be used to create fantastically British arrangements across the Commonwealth whatever the weather, for the ultimate Jubilee celebrations!

The Flag Shop’s Platinum Jubilee Flags give you a glorious way to jazz up a festive Jubilee feast or show support for Her Majesty at one of this year’s momentous events. From street-side decorations for the Queen’s Birthday weekend to decorating your local school, we’ve got plenty of sizes and materials to choose from. With 3 ft x 2 ft mini flags, classic 5 ft x 3 ft standards, 6 ft x 3 ft and bumper-sized 8 ft x 5 ft designs in our online store, all our flags are printed on hard-wearing materials in brilliant, colourfast dyes for a show-stopping impact.

Start with The Flag Shop’s 5 ft by 3 ft Union Jack Flag, our timeless standard for all flagpoles and outdoor displays. These standard flags are professionally printed with the iconic combination of St George, St Patrick, and St Andrew’s Saltires in run-resistant colours that work wonderfully for Royal events. Perfect for decorating private venues, pubs, schools, and public spaces for Jubilee events big and small, our standard Union Jacks come with two metal eyelets for easy hanging and a 115 gsm polyester design for strength and weather-resistance. Hung from a balcony or across the street, these standards make a breathtaking show of national pride on Her Majesty’s important milestone.

Want to make an unforgettable impact on Queen Elizabeth’s 70th anniversary as monarch? The Flag Shop’s Platinum Jubilee Flags come in whopper sizes for an even more outstanding visual effect. Our 8 ft by 5 ft Union Jack Giant Flag measures 243 cm x 152 cm, making it perfect for assemblies, town halls, and even draped around your shoulders at the Jubilee Parade! With these mammoth polyester knit flags, you can easily create wall hangings indoors and outdoors, as well as tablecloths for celebration lunches and Jubilee-themed afternoon teas. Designed to withstand the bleaching effects of inclement British weather, these flags won’t fray, tatter, or lose their pizzazz even with repeated outdoor use.

We at The Flag Shop love to mix and match, and what better way to stand out than with a festive mix of Platinum Jubilee Flags at your event? Whether you’re planning a community party or hoping to glimpse Her Majesty in person, make sure you’ve got a unique celebratory waver that marks this momentous occasion. Our Platinum Jubilee 2022 Flag is a unique design for Queen Elizabeth’s special year, and combines the Union Jack with a tailor-made 70th anniversary crest on the fore. This flag is printed onto durable, tear-resistant and weatherproof polyester weave with a blue and white insignia on the fore. The words “The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee 2022” are printed in hi-resolution on this extra-special 5 ft by 3 ft design. Perfect for displaying outdoors on the long bank holiday between Thursday 2nd to Sunday 5th June, so get your orders in early!

Pair your Platinum Jubilee 2022 Flag, Jubilee Bunting, and more with The Flag Shop’s celebratory Union Jack with the Royal Coat of Arms of Great Britain, a super-special design 5 ft by 3 ft that recognises Her Majesty’s 70 years of faithful service with the Royal Coat of Arms. The monarch’s official crest is displayed in bright gold on the foreground of this 152 cm by 91 cm Union Jack, which comes with two metal eyelets for hanging on a string or flagpole. These vivid flags are printed onto durable 115 gsm polyester and come with free, fast UK shipping when you order from our online store. Create a standout impression when you fly these flags as they are, or combine them with our Jubilee Years Flag for a uniquely themed display. 

Are you making your 2022 celebrations as memorable as possible? The Flag Shop offers beautifully unique God Save The Queen Flags that feature Her Majesty’s image in the centre of the Union Jack. These wonderfully patriotic wavers can be combined with our Platinum Jubilee 2022 Purple Flag, 5 ft by 3 ft Union Jacks, and other similar-sized flags to enjoy our Multi-Buy Discount. Order today to get your flags in time for 2022!