Flags for Sale

If you’re looking for a flag for any occasion, we at The Flag Shop are ready, willing and able to provide you with a whole host of flags for sale. Whether you have an exciting sporting event coming up, a wonderful celebration or you would simply like to show off your national colours, our extensive range of flags for sale will have something just for you.


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  1. Custom Plain White Flag
    Custom Plain White Flag
    Price Low as: £16.95
  2. Union Jack Table Flag
    Union Jack Table Flag Budget
  3. Scotland table flag
    Scotland Table Flag Budget
  4. England Table Flag
    England St George Table Flag Budget
  5. Custom print festival flag
    Custom Festival Flag With Pole
    Price Low as: £51.95
  6. St George Cross Bunting
    England St George Cross Bunting
    Price Low as: £7.95
  7. USA Table Flag
    USA Table Flag Budget
  8. LGBT table flag
    Rainbow Gay Pride Table Flag Budget
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Flags for Sale at The Flag Shop

We offer a fantastic variety of popular world flags for sale, alongside our sporting flags for teams and tournaments, and beautiful celebratory flags for special occasions. If you are celebrating a birthday, we have a wide variety of birthday celebration flags that are perfect for any party. Should you want to wish someone a Happy 18th Birthday, 21st, 30th, 40th, 50th, or 60th, we have cheerful and colourful options for doing just that, which will add life and cheer to any party. Welcoming a new baby? We have cute ‘It’s a Boy!’ flags and ‘It’s a Girl!’ flags to congratulate a proud new parent. With our custom flag options, you will be able to add your own personal touch to make the event even more memorable. We are even ready for Oktoberfest 2018 with a range of Bavarian, German, and beer flags for sale to get the party started!

The Flag Shop also has a diverse array of sports flags for sale so that you can support your favourite club or team in a colourful, eye-catching way. With a large selection of football club flags for sale, as well as bunting and hand waving flags, you will be well-equipped for any event. From Wimbledon flags for tennis fans to checkered flags to add some fun to racing events, The Flag Shop is the only place you will need to visit. For NFL fans, we offer a vast range of official NFL team flags for sale so that you can decorate your home or turn up fully armed at the London International Series.

Our world countries range includes a massive stock of national flags for sale, which covers every country from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe. When you shop online, you can choose from our wide selection of continent flags, individual country flags, and a variety of historical options too, such as the Confederate Flag or the First Union Jack. We stock the bestselling USA flags, Welsh flags, English St George and Scottish St Andrew flags for sale, as well as flags for counties, territories, and European provinces. Like the rest of our flags, these are available as bunting, car flags, or budget table flags for hosting dinners and special events.

If you are looking for Gay Pride flags for sale, we have a stunning array of beautiful options including LGBT identity flags, and the signature rainbow. You won’t be faced with a lack of choice if you are hoping to express your support or pride in style. Because all our flags are durable polyester and crafted to a high quality, you won’t need to worry about fading, fraying, or the weather when you choose from among our online range of flags for sale.

If Military flags for sale are what you desire, we have an ensemble of excellent, international options available. You will find US Military, British Military, and RAF flags for sale, alongside ensign flags, bunting, and commemorative flags. All are ideal for Remembrance day events, to tastefully show your support and respect for our military heroes. With both nylon and satin options as well as our standard, resilient polyester, you can choose between our smaller 3ft x 2ft flags, giant 8ft x 5ft flags, or our popular classic flag size of 5ft x 3ft. Our bunting options are versatile and can range from between 3 metres and 9 metres for military flags, or up to 15 metres more broadly.

The Flag Shop also stocks a broad range of flag poles and parts, such as flag bungees, flagpoles, flagpole bags and sleeves, and wall mounted stakes. With over 1000 designs offered amongst our flags for sale, we are your one-stop solution for anything flag-related. We ship internationally, so you can display your national colours or celebrate your team’s big win from anywhere in the world.