World Cup Hand Waving Flags Qatar 2022

At the Flag Shop, our polyester World Cup Hand waving flags are the ideal solution for nailing your support colours to the mast, so to speak, without the need for a huge flag that you can’t really carry around too easily! Portable but still impactful, these could be just right for your needs, irrespective of which country you want to support - We’ve got them all!

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At 45cm x 30cm,or 18 inches x 12 inches, they are the perfect size to make carrying and waving easy, (nobody’s arm will get tired waving these!) but still be large enough to clearly show your affiliation! Whichever national flag you select, it will be printed with vivid colours onto quality polyester In addition, the World Cup Hand waving flags are supplied with a sturdy wooden stick. The team flags are mounted already on the stick, so that they are ready to be waved vigorously and straight away, wherever you may be! Why not join the fun by waving yours? It will be a sea of flags during the world cup games, which, let’s be honest, brightens up all of our lives a little bit! The England ‘Four Lions’ hand waving flag is sure to be visible across the country during the tournament, as its evocative Lion images on the St. George’s Cross background will really get the support revved up! A timeless classic, these flags can be re-used time and again at tournaments...Well, assuming assuming England have qualified, that is! These flags come complete with a solid wooden stick measuring 24 inches, or 60cm and are perfect for purpose.

England Hand Flags (Pack Of 12) are great for spreading the joy, encouraging patriotic pride for you and friends and /or family! Get behind the England boys with these little beauties, with their reduced flag size of 22cm x 15cm that make them the ideal solution for groups, schools, teams, office colleagues etc..Basically anywhere there is a group, you can make use of these hand flags! You may be a huge fan of Portugal and their talisman, the preening icon that is Cristiano Ronaldo! If so, our Portugal hand waving flag is an absolute must! If you love the Gallic flair then why not take a look at our France hand waving flag, or maybe it’s World Cup favourites Germany and Spain that float your boat? Whatever your allegiance, we have the answer in the shape of a nifty hand flag! Don’t forget we also offer a range of amazing World Cup flags that depict all of the national emblems, in various different sizes. There’s also our vivid World Cup flag bunting, consisting of each of the competing World Cup teams’ national flags in either triangular or rectangular shaped flags. You might want to really stand out? If so, you need our personalised World Cup flags that allow you to express yourself whilst supporting your team! Our simple to use customising tool means that you can add images, colours and text to your national flag of choice!