The Irish flag, an iconic yet simple design comprising of just three colours. The green, white and orange flag is widely recognised throughout the UK and the world, most noticeably for being the face of many St Patrick’s Day celebrations...

Although this timeless flag is the face of both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, each country also boasts a wide range of vivid, timeless and historic flags of Ireland – all available at The Flag Shop. From the St Patrick’s Cross to the Four Provinces, you'll find the Irish flags you need at The Flag Shop.

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Separated into Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, both countries showcase amazingly cultural cities and endless beautiful scenery.

Home to Shamrocks, Leprechauns and everything in between, Ireland is crammed full of colourful culture which is renowned around the world.

At The Flag Store, we have a wide range of Irish flags available. From the traditional and iconic green, white and orange, to the St Patrick’s Cross, we have a flag to suit you.

Each flag is crafted with high quality materials, ensuring vivid colouring and true longevity, guaranteed to trigger appreciation from anyone viewing.


At first glance, the national flag of Ireland is a simple design: vertical tricolours of green, white and orange. However, underneath the exterior there is extensive symbolism dating back to the 17th century.

Although the country may be divided into two, the flag brings both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland together. So no matter which country you’re from, you can fly the Irish flag with pride.

If you’re proud to be from Ireland then you’ll be happy to hear that this flag comes in hand size – meaning that it can be waved with ease, whilst being recognised by all.


Used by a variety of sports teams and cultural organisations, this flag is traditional as it is eye-catching. The flag represents four provinces of Ireland, including: Munster, Leinster, Connacht and Ulster.

From the harp to the crowns, each segment of this vibrant flag is instantly recognisable, while maintaining a truly unique style.

Not only do these flags measure a striking 5ft by 3ft, they are also printed on the highest quality materials.No matter which region you’re from, you can’t go wrong with our flags of Ireland.


Another one of our Irish best sellers is the Ulster flag – with a vibrant yellow background layered with a distinctive red cross and iconic red hand motif in the centre, this is one of Ireland’s most recognisable flags.

Although it is now more famous for being part of the Four Provinces Flag, why not stand out from the crowd with your very own Ulster flag?

Still used by Ulster’s hockey and rugby team as their emblem, you can show your support for sport by waving this flag. This design is also available in bunting, so you can dress up any wall or garden fence. 


The phrase Erin go Bragh translates from Gaelic as 'Ireland Forever' – perfect for anyone who is proud of their Irish heritage.

The flag shows the iconic harp, which has been a political symbol in Ireland for years. This is a prominent and eye-catching design, perfect for catching the attention of those around you.

Available in 3ft x 2ft, 5ft x 3ft and bunting, each is made of quality polyester to guarantee the vivid green and yellow design will stay vibrant.


The Northern Ireland flag is similar to the Ulster flag, they are both recognisable for the iconic red hand which appears in the centre of both flags.

Although the official flag of Northern Ireland is the Union Jack, you can still express your pride in the North with this flag. It also represents Northern Ireland’s sporting teams in international events, so what better way to show your support than with a flag – available in a convenient hand size to be waved with ease!


If you’re looking for a flag to fly high on St Patrick’s Day, and want something a little different than the traditional Ireland flag, why not try to Shamrock Flag for a casual Irish look...

The plain white flag is decorated with a vivid green shamrock design, perfect for any Irish themed party. Available in 5ft x 3ft, it’s the perfect size for everyone to see and enjoy.

All of our flags of Ireland are printed onto highest polyester, so no matter which part of Ireland you’re from; we have a flag for you.