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Nations League Football

How are you celebrating your support for your favourite team at this summer’s Nations League finals? Are you going to be tuning into live matches on TV, heading to Portugal to watch a live match, or holding your own event here? Whatever you’re doing, our Nations League Standard Flags are a fun, colourful, and exciting way to get behind your favourite players or stand out from the crowd. The Flag Shop is here for all your colourful, flag-waving needs!

Is this the summer that England’s 53 year wait for an International Trophy finally ends? Granted, it’s not the World Cup or even the Euros, but a trophy is a trophy and can’t be sniffed at! If nothing else, it would surely be a) a huge confidence boost for the young English team ahead of next summer’s Euro 2020 tournament and b) an excuse for one heck of a party!

If you are hosting your own party to support England, our giant Nations League 2019 Standard Flags include a whopping great Massive St George England Flag that will set the scene amazingly. Hang these from the front of your business or home, or use them to decorate your garden if you are having friends around. At The Flag Shop, we use HiResolution photo quality finish printing and vibrant colours that will let all and sundry know where the party’s at! And maybe, letting them know which team’s going to win it!

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  1. Custom England Flag
    Custom England Flag
    Price Low as: £16.95
  2. Holland Table Flag
    Holland Table Flag Budget
  3. Netherlands bunting
    Holland | Netherlands | Dutch Bunting
  4. St George Cross Bunting
    England St George Cross Bunting
    Price Low as: £7.95
  5. Custom Yellow & Blue Union Jack Flag
    Custom Yellow & Blue Union Jack Flag
    Price Low as: £16.95
  6. Portugal Bunting
    Portugal Bunting
  7. Portugal table flag satin
    Portugal Table Flag Satin
    Price Low as: £5.45
  8. Switzerland Table Flag
    Switzerland Table Flag Budget
  9. Portugal Table Flag
    Portugal Table Flag Budget
  10. Custom England Rainbow Flag
    Custom England Rainbow Flag
    Price Low as: £16.95
  11. Custom Holland Flag
    Custom Holland Flag
    Price Low as: £16.95
  12. Custom Sky Blue Union Jack Flag
    Custom Sky Blue Union Jack Flag
    Price Low as: £16.95
  13. Custom Red Union Jack Flag
    Custom Red Union Jack Flag
    Price Low as: £16.95
  14. Custom Switzerland Flag
    Custom Switzerland Flag
    Price Low as: £16.95
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Nations League flags and bunting available at The Flag Shop

Wherever you’re headed -if you’re going out and about - our Nations League hand-waving flags can go along with you! If you’re already planning a post-match celebration, these are ideal for taking out on the town. (And also, that’s the spirit!) We have got your choice of Portugal Hand Waving Flags, Switzerland Hand Waving Flags, and Holland/Netherlands Hand Waving Flags that you can pop in your bag or pocket wherever you are going. These are an economical option, and if you’re looking to order more than one, at The Flag Shop we will give you a discount for bulk orders.

Having a party or holding your own fun event? Our selection of Nations League 2019 bunting is perfect for both business and personal use to get your guests excited. At The Flag Shop, we supply England St George Cross Bunting in three lengths of 3m, 6m, and 9m that is easy to hang and won’t fade. A popular choice with business owners, these quality polyester flags are sewn onto strong polyester tape and incredibly versatile. Use them for the Olympics, the next World Cup, or anything in between; this bunting is even ideal for school sports events! A great value option for larger spaces is our 30 flag option. And of course, we love some healthy competition, and we also stock Portugal Bunting, Holland | Netherlands | Dutch Bunting, and Switzerland Bunting that is perfect for your Nations League 2019 event!

Looking for something a little bit different? We at The Flag Shop also stock historical flags that will stand out nicely at this year’s Nations League. If you are after a unique way to support England, the Old England Historic, Three Lions, (Richard The Lionheart) Flag - 5Ft X 3Ft is a great choice. Or, opt for our smaller Old England Historic, Three Lions, (Richard The Lionheart) Flag - 3Ft X 2Ft to make your home or business stand out. Both options come with multi-buy discounts so that you can deck out your event in style!

Look no further than The Flag Shop for your Nations League 2019 Standard Flags! Here in our online collection, you’ll find Nations League 2019 flags for England, Holland, Portugal, Switzerland, and the UK. If you are after a specific size or material, we have smaller 2ft x 3ft flags, standard 5ft x 3ft , 8ft x 5ft Nations League 2019 flags, even giant, eye-catching 10ft x 6ft Nations League 2019 Standard Flags, as well 40cm x 25cm and 45cm x 30cm options. If you STILL can’t find the perfect flag to show your support, you can even create your own! Just use any one of our wide range of templates to create your own Nations League 2019 Custom Flag—add your own slogans, player names, club crests, and more for a unique touch that will say it all for you.

And if you’re looking for the best way to support a different team, check out our collection of World Flags. Also in a large range of sizes, our flags are available in many formats. We have Paper Hand Flags which you can customise, and a massive choice of Football Club Flags right here—take your pick!