LGBTQ+ Bunting

Shop colourful LGBTQ+ Bunting in all the colours of the rainbow and deck out your party in a diversity of colours! At The Flag Shop, we stock vivid, high-quality, and super value bunting in giant sizes, standard designs, and long, short, and medium strands for every one of your decorating needs. Add some pep to your promotion and decorate in seconds with durable adornments and a huge range of different LGBTQ+ identity templates to mix and match.

With The Flag Shop’s Multi Buy Discount and free UK Mainland delivery, getting glam for Pride is easy, quick, and mega-affordable. Our massive LGBTQ+ bunting range includes Giant Gay Pride Bunting, smiley face bunting, Rainbow LGBTQ+ triangle bunting, rainbow multicolour triangular bunting and more that’s perfect for marches, demos, concerts, and outdoor events. Whether you’re advertising, throwing a shindig, or simply standing up for LGBTQ+ rights, do so with a burst of vivid colours in your home, shop, business, or office!

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LGBTQ+ Bunting available at The Flag Shop

Stop passers-by in their tracks and turn them toward your Pride party, drinks, parade, or festival with Giant Gay Pride Bunting outside your shop, bar, pub, club, or concert hall! The Flag Shop’s Giant Gay Pride Bunting includes a whopping 30 pennants, each measuring 45 cm x 30 cm, or 12 inches by 18 inches to get you noticed. Ideal for outdoor venues, larger buildings, sports events, facades, and shopfronts, these enormous wavers ensure maximum impact for your campaign. Invite guests to step inside your club for drinks, or pepper your parade route in rainbow hues so that you can get your event snapped on social media! The Flag Shop’s Giant Gay Pride Bunting measures 18.25 metres and is printed on durable polyester weave with professional-grade colourfast dyes.

If you’re up for a Pride party, you’ll love our Smiley Face Bunting. A quick, convenient, and head-turning decoration for outdoors in the garden or inside your venue, these 20 wavers all come on a 19.5 ft or 6 metre string to add instant pizzazz to your Pride event! The iconic yellow and black smiley is printed in colourfast dyes on no-tear polyester weave, with every pennant a nifty 9 by 6 metres or 23 by 15 centimetres in size. String up one for a single wall, or plaster the along your march route for a burst of vibrant, eye-catching colours that make your party pop!

Looking for LGBTQ+ bunting that’s great for all year round? Our popular Rainbow LGBTQ Triangular Bunting makes a perfect accompaniment to all your signature and symbolic flags, and the ideal backdrop for a party, parade, march, rally, or protest with an impact! Available in 20 m (65 ft) longer strands for outside usage along building fronts, shop windows, or Pride routes, and shorter 5 metre (16 ft) strands for classrooms, bars, and cafes, this colourful bunting contains all the colours of the quintessential rainbow in an eye-catching triangular design. Each striking pennant measures 30 cm x 20 cm. Add form, colour, and diversity to your visual merchandising, and make everyone feel included!

Our LGBTQ+ collection of beautiful bunting includes Union Jack Rainbow Bunting in 3-metre and 9-metre lengths, complete with your choice of 10 or 30 rainbow pennants emblazoned with the Union Jack in crisp white. Printed with maximum detail to amplify your impact, these bestselling wavers feature a custom gay pride design on 15 cm x 23 cm, knitted polyester wavers. Each template is reinforced at the short edge with polyester strong fibre tape and makes for a perfect way to make your campaign stand out among the colourful mayhem come Pride!

Support LGBTQ+ rights or stand in solidarity with marchers as they pass, with The Flag Shop’s huge, diverse array of gorgeous, durable, practical, and fade-resistant bunting. Our collection includes Pansexual bunting, Asexual bunting, Genderqueer bunting, Transgender bunting, and of course - the classic Gay Pride Rainbow Bunting in standard sized pennants on a range of differently-sized strands. With 3-metre strands for rooms, stalls, and smaller venues up to 9-metre strands for entire facades, all our designs are printed using high-quality photo-resolution printing for a sharp, crisp finish.

Shop our different symbols and create a campaign that pops, or show off who you are with Pride in all colours of the rainbow to enjoy free, fast, worldwide delivery from The Flag Shop!