France Flags

Attending a festival, celebration or political event? Want a creative, colourful way to show your strips at a match, tournament, or championship? Here at The Flag Shop, we stock and deliver a hefty range of French Flags for all occasions and events. Whether you’re showing respect or making a bold statement, our vibrant Flags of France can say it all for you even when you’re all cheered out! 

Our French flags are convenient to order and available in a generous range of varied sizes. When you shop with us, we offer an unbeatable choice of compact 3ft x 2ft, standard 5ft x 3ft, large 8ft x 5ft, or 40cm x 25cm France flags so you can say it like you really mean it. Made from your choice of durable polyester, tough nylon, and elegant satin, it’s possible to speak volumes without saying a word. We also provide all the flag poles and parts which you might need to fly those colours high or carry them with you on the go, as well as customised France flags for your own unique creative touch.

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  1. Centre Val De Loire Table Flag
    Centre Val De Loire Table Flag Budget
  2. Champagne Ardenne Table Flag
    Champagne Ardenne Table Flag Budget
  3. Corsica Table Flag
    Corsica Table Flag Budget
  4. Franche Comte Table
    Franche Comte Table Flag Budget
  5. Ile de France Table Flag
    Ile de France Table Flag Budget
  6. Languedoc Roussillon Table Flag
    Languedoc Roussillon Table Flag Budget
  7. Lorraine Table Flag
    Lorraine Table Flag Budget
  8. Midi Pyrenees Table Flag
    Midi Pyrenees Table Flag Budget
  9. Brittany Table Flag
    Brittany Table Flag Budget
  10. Normandy Table Flag
    Normandy Table Flag Budget
  11. Limousin Table Flag
    Limousin Table Flag Budget
  12. Pays De La Loire Table Flag Budget
    Pays De La Loire Table Flag Budget
  13. Alsace Table Flag Budget
    Alsace Table Flag Budget
  14. Brittany Bunting
    Brittany Bunting
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French flags available at The Flag Shop!

Why not start with a small 3 ft x 2 ft France Flag and show off your national pride in style? The Flag Shop’s lightweight and compact ensigns feature the unmissable tricolours with high-tech printing and with two brass grommets/eyelets for hanging, afford you all the visibility you could hope for. Because sometimes, a small ensign is all you need to display your national pride or support your preferred football team. If you’re buying larger quantities, we at The Flag Shop provide bulk discounts which will save you more when you purchase 5, 10, 24 flags or more!

Want something more specific from our Flags of France collection? We aim to be your favorite, number one flag shop and provide an ample range of sub-categories for you to browse and enjoy. Why not look at our Paris, Languedoc Roussillon, Picardy, Provence, or Normandy flags? Our generous collection also includes flags for Provence Alpes Cote d'Azur, Brittany, Ile de France, Burgundy, Corsica, and beyond to the Rhone Alpes and Savoy - we’ve all the Flags of France you could possibly need in one great collection so that browsing is simple and you can get straight to that event!

If you’re looking French flag bunting, The Flag Shop stocks different lengths for all settings - indoors and out. Why not decorate that garden, football pitch, stadium, pub, or restaurant with your favorite red, white, and blue? Our Brittany Bunting is one popular choice for outdoor parties and get-togethers, and shows off the dark stripes of the region in vivid high-res photo quality print. Available in 3 metre lengths of 10 beautiful flags or 9 metre lengths of 30 flags, The Flag Shop Brittany Bunting is designed for long life and will take up the festive spirit a few notches! Our French bunting also includes Savoy bunting in vibrant red and white for those summer days outside and France Bunting for an expressive touch on the 14th of July National Day celebrations.

If a table flag is what your home, office, or business needs, The Flag Shop also supplies French table flags to set the mood for your festivities! We stock satin table flags of France featuring the blue, red, and white in 9 x 6 inches (22 cm x 15 cm) along with a chrome base and pole - perfect for corporate get-togethers and weddings. As we said, there’s something for everyone at The Flag Shop!

If you’ve already picked your French Flag, don’t forget to browse our compatible selection of parts, pieces, and flag accessories so that your chosen ensign stands out. If you want to get waving at a parade, rally, or march, we have Hand-Held flag poles that will do the job perfectly. Also look into our flag poles for Wall Mounted displays, our Festival Poles, Aluminium Poles, and Pole Stakes if you’re looking to say it like you mean it from way up high. We deliver across the UK for you regardless of whether you’re a business owner or simply want to cheer the kids on at a rugby match - and yes - we very happily ship our flags overseas if you’re not in Great Britain.

So, let us help you choose the ideal French flag and show that national pride loud and clear!