France Flags

Attending a festival, celebration or political event? Want a creative, colourful way to show your strips at a match, tournament, or championship? Here at The Flag Shop, we stock and deliver a hefty range of French Flags for all occasions and events. Whether you’re showing respect or making a bold statement, our vibrant Flags of France can say it all for you even when you’re all cheered out! 

Our French flags are convenient to order and available in a generous range of varied sizes. When you shop with us, we offer an unbeatable choice of compact 3ft x 2ft, standard 5ft x 3ft, large 8ft x 5ft, or 40cm x 25cm France flags so you can say it like you really mean it. Made from your choice of durable polyester, tough nylon, and elegant satin, it’s possible to speak volumes without saying a word. We also provide all the flag poles and parts which you might need to fly those colours high or carry them with you on the go, as well as customised France flags for your own unique creative touch.

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