British Military Flags

The Flag Shop has durable, high-calibre British Military Flags to bring life and energy to any army event. Our collection of historical and regimental flags contains the perfect decorations for important holidays, commemorative occasions, and festivities both indoors and out!

Durable polyester flags offer great resilience against the elements while being fadeproof and resistant to wear and tear in wind, rain, or shine. A perfect combination for a long-lasting, vibrant coloured 5Ft X 3Ft Red Ensign Flag to hang outside your barracks, home, office, or business. These standard flags are gorgeous, patriotic ways to demonstrate your support for the British armed forces and represent the Merchant Navy flag on crisp red, knitted, 115 gsm polyester for a superb value long-term investment. 

Set Ascending Direction
  1. Adjutant General Corps Flag Bunting
    Adjutant General Corps Flag Bunting
  2. Royal Armoured Corps Bunting
    Royal Armoured Corps Bunting
  4. Infantry Corps Bunting
    Infantry Corps Bunting
  5. Royal Scots Dragoon Guards Flag Bunting
    Royal Scots Dragoon Guards Flag Bunting
  6. Royal Welch Fusiliers Flag Bunting
    Royal Welch Fusiliers Flag Bunting
  7. The Rifles Flag Bunting
    The Rifles Flag Bunting
  8. Parachute Regiment Flag Bunting
    Parachute Regiment Flag Bunting
  9. Royal Artillery Regiment Flag Bunting
    Royal Artillery Regiment Flag Bunting
    Price Low as: £7.95
  10. Royal Irish regiment Flag Bunting
    Royal Irish regiment Flag Bunting
    Price Low as: £7.95
  11. British Army Air Corps Flag Bunting
    British Army Air Corps Flag Bunting
  12. Blue Ensign Flag Bunting
    Blue Ensign Flag Bunting
  13. Royal Gurkha Rifles Flag Bunting
    Royal Gurkha Rifles Flag Bunting
    Price Low as: £7.95
  14. Intelligence Corps Flag Bunting
    Intelligence Corps Flag Bunting
  15. Mercian Regiment Bunting
    Mercian Regiment Bunting
  16. 1st Queens Dragoon Guards Bunting
    1st Queens Dragoon Guards Bunting
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British Military Flags available at The Flag Shop

Also printed using our advanced photo-quality technology, a British Army Flag adds bold colour and a fun element to your indoor and outdoor spaces. On Armed Forces Day, Remembrance Sunday, and at army marches, these British Military Flags can be found in all sizes adorning shops, businesses, pubs, and local clubs as gorgeous shows of respect and pride. British Army Flags can be hung using the two convenient metal grommets from a flagpole, and also make excellent window displays for rallies, holidays, and promotional events. Featuring the British Army Crest on tatter-proof polyester, these flags measure a medium 152 cm x 91 cm, or 3 by 5 feet.

Smaller 3 x 2 ft flags are ideal wavers for bringing along to outdoor events such as galas, races, sports events, demonstrations, marches, and commemorative occasions. Our bumper collection of British Military hand wavers includes Armed Forces Day Flags in the same hard-to-tear polyester and vivid, high-resolution prints. The iconic Union Jack forms the backdrop of this quintessentially British flag, and underneath a classic “Remember Armed Forces Day” slogan. Show your national pride from your business or hang these lightweight wavers around for a celebration lunch at your office - at 91 cm by 61 these great value flags are perfect decorations for any sized venue!

Complement your Armed Forces Day ensigns with The Flag Shop’s other beautiful British Military flags and create a themed at your school, shop, or in your town square. Our huge collection features brilliant RAF Blue Ensign hand waving flags that are easy to fold, pack, and carry to your external venue, and our White Navy Ensign Flags are perfect for a backpack or suitcase. The Flag Shop delivers your Military Flags across the UK with our lightning-fast, free shipping service so that you can receive your flags in a few business days. We deliver British Army and Military Flags in a variety of sizes and styles worldwide, too, so you can have your flag and wave it - overseas!

The Flag Shop’s British Military Duraflags are the answer to all your outdoor flag-waving needs; crafted from extra hard-wearing polyester 150 gsm weave, these are finished with four rows of fly edge stitching for additional strength. To protect the colour of your outdoor flag for even longer and keep it looking brand new year after year, Duraflags are dye printed using screen printing techniques to yield a more colourfast, brighter image on either side. 

Our British Military Duraflag range includes a standard 5 ft x 3 ft White Ensign Flag, affordably priced and complete with a rope and toggle for raising instantly out the front or back of your venue. In your base or outside your home, these quickly recognisable Duraflags combine the white and red St George’s Cross National Flag with the Union Jack in the top left corner. An unmistakable show of admiration for the British Army, and perfect at military barracks and bases.

Also in our Duraflag range of British Militia ensigns, our Lest We Forget Duraflag sports a black and white commemorative motif superimposed with contrasting crimson poppy design for Remembrance events. Also available as RAF Lest We Forget Table Flags and Navy Lest We Forget Table Flags for centrepiece designs at parties and dinners, and as classic Lest We Forget Table Flags for office desktops and as placemarkers at diplomatic events. Each flag is 6 x 4 inches | 150mm x 100mm in size and stands 12 inches or 30 cm high with the included base.

Shop for all your army themed events and military occasions in one convenient place at The Flag Shop!