VJ Day

After the nation’s VE Day 75th Anniversary celebrations back in early May, it’s nearly time to do it all again! 

The 75th anniversary of VJ Day (Victory over Japan) will be recognised on 15 August 2020, commemorating the thankful end of World War II. Whilst VE Day (Victory in Europe) signalled the end of the war in Europe back in May 1945, the Allied Armed Forces struggled on with fighting in the Far East Pacific Theatre. The global War truly ended on the 15th August 1945 with VJ Day marking this, the very day that Japan surrendered to the Allies.

In this most unusual of years we at The Flag Shop strongly believe that we should all pull together once again and mark the day with all the pride, patriotism and passion that it deserves! Events like the current Covid-19 pandemic, as horrific and catastrophic as they are, can really bring out the best traits in people. Just take a look down any typical British street on August 15th and you will no doubt see this - Various patriotic flags and bunting will sway with pride! Huge numbers of people will be displaying their Union Jack flags from their homes and streets and that’s just how it should be...VE Day was a great celebration and genuinely brought people together in the midst of a very trying period - Spirits were unquestionably raised and we need more of this!

Guess what? We’ve got everything you’ll need to do just that! Take a good look below at our wide range of VJ Day flags perfectly suited for the celebrations!

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  1. Union Jack Table Flag
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  2. Union Jack table flag satin
    Union Jack Table Flag Satin
    Price Low as: £5.45
  3. Custom Union Jack Flag
    Custom Union Jack Flag
    Price Low as: £16.95
  4. Union Jack bunting
    Union Jack, Great Britain Bunting
  5. Union Jack Smiley Table Flag
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  6. Union Jack crest table flag satin
    Union Jack Crest Table Flag Satin
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VJ Day Flags & Bunting available at The Flag Shop

We can offer patriotic large hanging flags, smaller table flags, hand waving flags and stylish bunting - It’s all covered! Our products are made of high-end material, with options in nylon, polyester and satin whilst always striving to offer competitive prices for our durable products that can endure the elements.

So to tickle your patriotic VJ Day fancy, please see our range of Union Jacks. This iconic flag was originally conceived as a symbol of unity between all of the Kingdoms in Great Britain - It just shouts ‘Unity!’

Fancy draping your fence or wall with one at your VJ Day party? Or maybe adorn your car with one to catch the eye? Why not adorn your desk at work?

Our classic 5ft X 3ft standard Union Jack flag is perfectly suited for mounting on a pole or hanging on a wall. It’s the iconic Union Jack flag, perfect for pubs, garden and streets...The most plain garden is instantly livened up with these great flags! If you have a wall, drape it in this & watch the transformation! Coming with two metal grommets for easy hanging, it is made of durable, long-lasting polyester that will help it last over the years even in the notorious British weather!

For anyone looking to proudly demonstrate their patriotism at work, we recommend the Union Jack Table Flag. A brilliant budget option, this flag measures 6” x 4” (150mm x 100mm) with a full height of 12”. The flag is made of polyester, and the base with plastic poles. If you prefer to place it elsewhere, the flag also works great without the base!

Our Union Jack car flag is a great solution if you prefer to let your vehicle do your talking! At 40cm x 25cm, it will be accompanied by a strong plastic clip that’s perfect for flying the flag on a window, roof or car bonnet.

We also are proud to offer a great collection of Union Jack bunting options too! You can choose our Giant UK Flag Bunting which attractively enhances any sizeable walls, buildings or hedges. Measuring a huge18.25 metres in length, the bunting boasts 30 individual Union Jack flags, each measuring 45cm x 30cm. 

An ideal shorter alternative is the Red, White And Royal Blue Bunting, which still measures 11.3 metres in length and consists of 27 individual flags, each measuring 20cm x 30cm. Finally, why not consider our Triangular Bunting, which is 66ft in length and features individual flags of 30cm x 19cm?

Remember how great these looked on VE Day across the nation’s gardens?? Let’s see if we can go one better for VE Day and make the nation proud again!