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Italy Euro 2020 Football Flags

Names like Alessandro Del Piero, Francesco Totti, Paolo Rossi, and Dino Zoff are forever etched into the annals of football. These players came from different backgrounds and clubs, but had one thing in common - the Italian national football team! Forza Italia has millions of fans around the world, and they all love hoisting, wreathing, hanging, and waving the Italian flag whenever the Azzurri plays. If you want to do the same this Euro, get the Euro 2020 Italy flag from The Flag Shop!

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  2. Custom Italy Flag
    Custom Italy Flag
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  3. Italy Bunting
    Italy Bunting
  4. Italy table flag satin
    Italy Table Flag Satin
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Euro 2020 Italy flags available at The Flag Shop

We offer excellent quality flags for anyone who needs one! Need countries of the world? We have every single one. Table flags for your model UN? Got your back! Car flags for a motorcade? Yup! Whatever flag you need, we either have them or can make them for you - no matter how much you want to customise. Our flags are made of durable polyester, flexible nylon, or fancy satin, and come in all shapes and sizes. To make things easier on your wallet, we offer great discounts on bulk purchases, What’s more, if you live in the UK, you can have them delivered for absolutely free. Those outside the UK can also have our great products brought to you. /p>

Want an Italian tricolor hoisted on your flagpole? Get the ever-popular a href="">5ft X 3ft standard/a> pole flag! A staple for any avid fan of Italian football, it’s green, white, and red look magnificent whether flying high or hung on a wall - something very easy to do on account of its two conveniently-placed eyelets. If it’s not the right size for you, we also recommend the a href="">3ft X 2ft smaller version/a> for indoor use or for hanging on your window or railing, or the a href="">giant 8ft X 5ft edition/a>, which is better for hanging outdoors or draping across the wall in your den or at your local pub. /p>

Nothing shows the world your love for the Azzurri than a Euro 2020 Italy Flag on your car. Our a href="">Italian car flag/a> will wave its way into people’s hearts as you drive by. Measuring 16” X 10” (40cm X 25cm), this car flag is small enough to fit on the side of your car, and large enough to catch the eyes of passers-by. Its polyester composition helps it withstand any whiplash or rough weather, and it comes with a sturdy plastic stick with a clip for easy attachment to your car’s window. /p>

Looking for an Italian flag to put on your office or study desk to remind onlookers of your passion for Giorgio Chiellini’s men? Look no further! Our a href="">Euro 2020 Italy flag for tables/a> looks delightful and is lightweight and easy to manoeuvre. These flags are also great value and have multiple purposes such as place markers for business meetings, table centrepieces for weddings or corporate events, and as a decorative piece for home surfaces. Measuring 6” X 4” (15cm X 10cm), this polyester flag comes with a plastic pole and optional base for easy placement. If you want a fancier alternative, the a href="">Italy Table Flag Satin/a> might just be your thing. This smooth beauty comes with a chrome-plated pole and base for a luxurious and opulent feel. /p>

A quintessential part of creating a festive atmosphere is having bunting hanging all over the place. Our beautiful a href="">Italy bunting/a> is a surefire way to lighten up the mood at your match party or post-win celebration. The two available lengths are 3m with 10 pennants, or 9m with 30 pennants, with each pennant being 15cm X 23cm. With our excellent craftsmanship and hardy polyester, you don’t have to worry about rain or snow making your pennants look bad, and all pennants are sewn into strong polyester fabric tape to prevent them from falling off. /p>

If you’re looking to add a little personalised touch on your Italian flag, we can help you there. Our a href="">customized flags/a> come in 5 different sizes - 10ft X 6.5ft (300cm X 200cm), 18” X 12” (45cm X 30cm), 3ft X 2ft (91cm X 61cm), 5ft X 3ft (152cm X 91cm), and 8ft X 5ft (243cm X 152cm). Digitally printed onto 115gsm knitted polyester, your custom flag will be durable and beautiful to look at!/p>

We can cater for all your flag needs with wonderful offers!/p>